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FEATURED ARTICLE — December 6th, 2016

Crafting Headlines That Draw Readers In

Have you been craving viral headlines?

No matter how superb they look in a doc, are yours just not getting the attention you think they deserve?

I’m here to help you out. Today, you’ll learn how to create viral-worthy headlines that grab readers’ attention and earn those social shares.

To do that, you must first gain insight into the elements of a viral headline and learn how to take those elements and craft attention-getting, emotionally-striking headers that drive clicks and results.

BuzzSumo Research Uncovers How to Write Viral Headlines

Steve Rayson at BuzzSumo has shared some valuable insight from his latest research on viral headlines.

He says the most important content element is the headline. It determines who clicks through and reads
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Never Wait in Line Again With Amazon Go

eCommerce king Amazon today debuted Amazon Go, a new store that abolishes the traditional checkout. “Amazon Go is a new kind of store with no checkout required,” reads the Amazon FAQ page. “We created the world’s most advanced shopping… Read More
European Commission photo

EU Demanding U.S. Tech Firms Do More to Remove Online Hate Speech

The European Commission has put U.S. tech companies Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Google-owned YouTube on notice: Clean up the hate speech on your platforms or face some stringent new laws. The European Union agency’s warning comes some seven… Read More
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Microsoft’s 12 Days of Deals is Back for Holiday Shoppers

Microsoft’s annual 12 Days of Deals kicks off today with slashed prices in its online and retail stores. The premise of the sale is that Microsoft offers up a different deal on each of the 12 days. Today, for instance, the deal is up to $1,000… Read More

Technology News

The DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone.

Apple Turns to Drones to Challenge Google Maps: Report

Game on Google. Apple is breaking out the drones in a bid to improve its Maps app and challenge Google’s ever-popular Maps offering. Apple, according to a report from Bloomberg is putting together a team of robotics and data-collection experts… Read More
The Amazon Echo, powered by Alexa.

Amazon, Intel Partner on Smart Speaker

Amazon and Intel this week unveiled two technology initiatives to advance the Smart home. Announced at the Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, the initiative has two main purposes: to enable Alexa Skills to remotely… Read More

Firefox Issues Fix for Bug Found in Tor

Tor users are being urged to update their browser after a flaw that allows hackers to de-anonymize users was discovered. The bug was discovered in Firefox, on which the Tor browser is based. Firefox has released a fix for the flaw, which is being actively… Read More

SEO News


Is Mobile Indexing a Possible Game Changer?

Google launched mobile-first indexing on Nov. 4, linking the mobile factor to the game of indexing for better results and ranking in its search results. For years, we have been searching on Google using our desktop platforms, and Google has never failed… Read More

Google Killed My SEO Business — But Article Marketing Kept My Websites Thriving

If you are interested in getting into Google’s good graces, you probably live-and-breathe links all day long. You may spend most of your day trying to get your links placed in various websites, just so that you can get the opportunity to make sure… Read More

Why Influencer Marketing is SEO Gold

“Growing an online presence is important, but let’s get real about influence. Presence does not equal influence. Presence can be measured in social media followings. Influence can’t.” ― Martha Giffen, owner of Best Kind Marketing, LLC You’ve… Read More

Social Media News

Flickr photo by Maria Elena

10 Amazing Facts About Facebook

When Facebook was launched in February 2004, it went on to become the juggernaut of social media. Before Facebook became a force to be reckoned with, the social media platform that was the ‘in-thing’ was MySpace. If you wanted to be cool, you… Read More

Pinterest Unveils Showcase, Enabling Brands to Customize the Story of Their Business

Pinterest is handing brands a new way to introduce themselves to potential fans and followers. Dubbed Showcase, the new tool enables brands to “shape the story” of their business. Your showcase can be found where the stack of your most… Read More

Twitter Snaps Up Yes, Makes Its CEO Product Chief

Twitter is gaining a social app start-up and a new vice-president of product all in one go. The microblogging firm announced its acquisition of Yes on Thursday as well as the instalment of its CEO and founder Keith Coleman in the long vacant position… Read More


Business & Marketing News

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Improve your Mobile Commerce Checkout Process with these UX Design Tips

In recent research into the eCommerce checkout processes, Baymard Institute found that 68.8 percent of buyers abandon their cart before making a payment. That’s a staggering number. After taking the time to find products and add them to their cart,… Read More
marketing strategy

4 Content Marketing Trends for Business Owners in 2017

As we approach 2017, it’s interesting to think about where we’re headed in the coming year when it comes to marketing our business. All business owners want to stay on top of their game by being prepared for what’s ahead but in today’s… Read More
http address shows online mobile websites or internet

Top 10 Most Expensive Domain Name Sales Ever, And What You Can Learn From Them

Registering a new domain name doesn’t usually break the bank. In fact, most registries charge about $25 or less. But that applies to domain names that aren’t currently registered. What do you do if someone else has registered the perfect domain name… Read More

Other News


Discover How Digital Marketing Helps Brands Reach Their Desired Revenue

Before the advent of digital marketing, businesses were spending millions of dollars on print, TV and radio ads, billboard placements and sponsorships. Then, the Internet changed everything. The access to marketing opened up to smaller brands as the cost… Read More

4K Live Streaming Comes to YouTube

YouTube has launched 4K live streaming for 360-degree videos and standard videos, enabling content creators to stream “incredibly” high-resolution clips. 4K streaming offers viewers the clearest picture technology has to offer — but only… Read More

Ad Tech Trends to Watch for in 2017

Online advertising, especially in this video-everywhere, cross-device, ad-blocker enabled era, is constantly changing. To help give you a leg up on what to expect in 2017, here is a list of the top seven things to watch for, courtesy of expert Gil Becker.… Read More


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Apple Dominates List of Companies to Avoid Calling Over the Holidays

Google can now tell you how busy a store is before you enter, but not everyone is shopping in malls this time of the year. In fact, online sales are projected to surge by almost 20 percent in the next month, so what about those pesky customer service… Read More
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Latest Data Breach Highlights Dangers for Businesses

Last weeks’ revelation from Three Mobile of the compromise of data on six million of its customers via the inappropriate use of an employee login provides the starkest evidence yet of the threat facing companies from within. Despite the threat of being… Read More
Cloud Security

Enterprise Execs to Spend 34% of Their IT Budgets on Hosting and Cloud Services in 2017

NEW YORK – According to 451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise: Hosting and Cloud Managed Services study, enterprises currently spend 28 percent of their total enterprise IT budgets on hosting and cloud services. Next year, that number is expected… Read More

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