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FEATURED ARTICLE — November 21st, 2018

Top 3 E-Commerce Trends That Will Drive Sales in 2019

When it comes to e-commerce, it seems like one day you are in and the next you are out. With online shopping now more accessible than ever, customers are steadily becoming harder to please, considering it a given that their rising expectations are met every time. Just having an online version of a physical store isn’t enough anymore, as consumers don’t just want to grab and go, they want their shopping to be an experience in and of itself: interactive, immersive, and enjoyable.

So it’s to be expected that trends in e-commerce will continue to shift, fueled by consumers’ desires and taste. Below is a list of trends that will change the way e-commerce operates in 2019:

E-commerce with Interactive Product Visualization

Most would agree that, when it comes to online shopping, illuminating visualization is the best way for merchants and marketers to present their products to consumers so that they can study every detail and make an informed purchase decision without regretting it afterwards.

In addition, one of the obstacles between consideration and purchase is consumers’ uncertainty about product authenticity, especially when it comes to the luxury segment. Since customers can’t physically touch the item they’re considering, their hesitation can only be overcome by presenting them with high quality images of products displayed in as many angles as possible.

Consequently, the seamless zoom feature has become very popular lately, as it allows customers to zoom in on certain details and to get a better feel for the product without actually touching it. Still, even after implementing zoom and making sure that photos are of high enough quality to withstand being magnified, and do not take too long to download (that can result in a... Read More

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