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FEATURED ARTICLE — June 28th, 2017

Helpful New Updates to Google’s Search Results

“Discovering the world has never been easier on Google…”

– Marzia Niccolai, technical program manager at Google

There is a single phrase that can make business owners and SEOs everywhere simultaneously shutter with dread: Google updates.

Normally this type of thing means a SEO overhaul and website audit is just around the corner.

Thankfully, you have none of that to worry about this time around.

While Google has made some recent updates to its search engine like its new product features, the latest additions will mainly serve to benefit its users in obtaining more refined information, without the usual panic.

What does concern business owners, however, is that Google has also added in a new element to help drive local residents to any upcoming occasions or celebrations you may be having.

Check out these cool new features you can now find on Google search.

Finding Plans for the Weekend

On May 10, Google broke the news via The Keyword that it is focused on helping people find fun things to do with their free time; namely local events like festivals, concerts, lectures, meet-ups, sporting events and similar social activities.

The means in which the company will drive this initiative is a summary of local activities for users who search phrases like “Events near me,” “events this weekend,” or similar phrases on Google’s app or mobile site on iOS and Android.

Google notes in its blog that users will also be able to search more specific and refined phrases like “jazz concerts in Austin next week.”

As indicated by the last example, Google users will also be able to filter results based on time; fields like “Today,” “Tomorrow,” “This Week,” “This Weekend,” and... Read More

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