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FEATURED ARTICLE — September 22nd, 2017

LinkedIn Trends You Need to Know and Use

You’re on the top social media networks. You’ve got spots eked out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

That’s enough. Right?

No – you’re forgetting something.

You need to be posting and sharing on LinkedIn, too. Here’s why:

LinkedIn has more than half a billion users, according to Fortune – and it’s steadily growing.

Hundreds of millions of users are active every month.

It’s the ultimate social network to grab B2B leads. About 50 percent of B2B buyers use the platform before making final purchasing decisions, according to HootSuite.

To get the most out of this unique platform, though, you have to stay on top of trends. You have to know how to post, what to post, and when to do it.

Easier said than done, right? Don’t worry – we’ve combed through the trends for you and laid it all out.

6 LinkedIn Trends and How to Use Them in Content Marketing Right Now

Here are some of the top LinkedIn trends (according to data BuzzSumo collected and Content Marketing Institute [CMI] analyzed). We’ll show you how to post to take advantage of them with content marketing.

1. There’s No Posting Over-Saturation (Yet)

So far, there are no signs that the amount of content posted on LinkedIn is more than users can handle or keep up with.

When this does happen, CMI calls it “content shock.” Posts suffer because there’s less interaction due to content overload.

With content shock nowhere in sight, you can take advantage and post more content on the network. You’ll still have a good chance your followers will both see and notice your posts, which can shoot it to the top for engagement.

No content fatigue, to see, here.

2. B2B Link-Sharing Is Going Strong

When... Read More

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