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About Katrina Angco

A Journalism graduate from one of the top universities in Asia, the University of the Philippines, Katrina Angco started work in the media industry right after college as editorial assistant of renowned Philippine fashion publication, Metro Magazine. She went on to become managing editor of the same title in less than two years, and juggled this post with other special projects under ABS-CBN Publishing. A passionate writer through and through, she decided to make a leap outside of her comfort zone, trading lifestyle journalism for content strategy for fast-growing start-up Piggy Inc. In the months she has been with the company, she’s been having a blast immersing herself in tech and business lingo, learning from the company’s insightful and driven management team. Helping people turn their lives around by schooling them on saving has become her goal, thanks to Piggy. See more of her work on As you strive for digital mastery, free browser extension Piggy can assist. Also available on Android and iOS, the company app works to bring businesses and consumers closer together by educating both groups about retail issues.


If you’ve been to your local shopping centers recently, you’ve surely noticed an undeniable trend: Increasingly, companies are closing their physical stores and pouring resources into their digital operations. Sometimes it isn’t by choice, with stores like Payless declaring bankruptcy, and Ralph Lauren closing flagship stores to focus on digital. Yes, obviously our society is […]