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Security Software Features For Growing Businesses

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Any company that experiences a sudden growth in business usually also enjoys an increase in visitor traffic, as well as an influx of new employees. While there’s really no bad time to invest in security at any workplace, some solutions seem as if they were specifically designed to help cope with businesses moving from small to mid-sized, whose personnel are becoming difficult to monitor by a single person.

When an increase in traffic to the workplace occurs, the best way to ensure the safety of a company is to implement a visitor management system – which consists of a security ID card printing suite, including computer software designed to track any personnel accessing the premises. It may also include digital signature pads, to allow guests to easily sign into the system, and expiring visitor stickers, which will only remain valid for a set period of time.

Personnel management software and ID card security systems work together to fulfill the shared goal of tracking employees and visitors who have been granted access to specific locations on company property. When purchasing from a security solutions and ID printing company, you’ll be provided with tips on using office security products as well as free training designed to allow you to get the most out of your software. 

Visitor Management Software

Visitor management software like Id Flow by Jolly Badger — offered by companies like Avon Security Projects — gives the option of creating detailed reports on your personnel system. Such software allows the computer to manage the records of cardholders registered in the system via smart chips, magnetic strips, or radio frequency identification built into PVC ID cards. By issuing ID cards or visitor stickers on-the-spot to every person who enters your place of business, you’ll no longer have to worry about knowing who has access to sensitive areas where data, company funds, or goods are kept.

Photo ID Software

ID card designing software allows you to create unique and secure ID cards for each employee quickly and easily. While the main purpose of this software is assist in implementing security technology, it’s important to consider that ID cards worn by employees also represent that business’s brand and should convey a look of professionalism. Software created for the specific purpose of creating security ID cards streamline the designing process, all while keeping the essential security features in mind. Some of the most popular options for this type of software include CardPresso, EPI Suite, Asure ID, and Datacard ID works.

Data Protection

Data theft and other cybercrimes have been prevalent worries since at least the proliferation of the internet in the 1990s, costing millions to companies every year. If there is a silver lining to this problem, it is that it has resulted in the availability of a wide variety of preventative software solutions for small businesses to purchase. Many companies now offer data protection software at affordable prices, as well as yearly memberships with available upgrades. Choosing the right data protection software for your company will depend on your needs and budget.

With luck, the only people who end up accessing your place of business will be valued clients and loyal employees. Nonetheless, any increase in the amount of people to access your workplace means an increased potential for criminal activity such as theft or even violence. Rather than ignore these all-too-common safety concerns, implement an employee and visitor management system and provide your company with the assurance that security needs have been met.

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