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A new out-of-the-box iPhone is not suitable for proper use without additional applications. But what apps should you download on your phone? In this article, I will help you expand the capabilities of your pocket assistant by recommending you a few useful applications – they will greatly simplify your life in lots of different ways.


A smartphone is often used to keep up with all of the latest news in the world. However, you should not go out of your way to do so. All you need is to install a simple but effective application that turns a smartphone into a digital newspaper. After launch, the program will determine the user’s preferences by subjects, such as politics, science, technology, sports, design, and other interests, and will provide the latest and most relevant news in a readable interface without advertising or other distracting elements. What more could you ask for?


Those who love to plan their day will surely fall in love with Wunderlsit. It is a simple and convenient program with which you can create lists, projects, and tasks. Its flexible settings and opportunities allow you to add files, share tasks for joint discussion, and synchronize with the calendar. It works on any device, including Apple Watch.


Spark is a convenient app for users who want to conveniently manage their email accounts. In addition to supporting all possible popular email services, such as Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, and Yahoo, the app recognizes various gestures and swipes; there are push notifications, custom panels, and a file manager. The application has a bunch of convenient features, and it’s all for free.

Scanbot 6

With the advent of smartphones, it became easier to copy documents because the camera in the iPhone is quite good. But there is a drawback – the background often remains in the photo.

To correct such problems with the background and scan documents for subsequent copy, the developers of the popular Evernote application created Scanbot 6. The application automatically recognizes both standard documents and smaller business cards, checks, certificates, and other bookkeeping.


This is the most straightforward dating app there is. It is made for those who want to find a partner for sex. The app is very easy to use: once you find a partner that you like, you will have 60 minutes to text each other. After that, all of your messages will be deleted. There is another dating service that we would like to recommend. By using it, you will be able to meet women online. Don’t miss out on an opportunity like that!


This is, without any exaggeration, an incredibly simple and at the same time powerful photo editor from Google. The toolkit of this application is so wide that it allows you to make a masterpiece out of a bad photo. The application recognizes faces, knows how to add smiles to them, and, in general, is a must for anyone who likes to take photos.

At the same time, the application has an extremely simple interface which even a child will be able to understand.


This small application is a real Swiss knife for converting values. It can even transfer the currencies of 160 countries of the world. There is even a separate convenient widget. It’s simple and useful.

LastPass Password Manager

You shouldn’t keep all your passwords in mind – you can entrust this mission to a convenient application that will store the entire database of authorization on websites, information on credit cards, documents, and other confidential information. There is even a convenient password generator and profile switching function.

It is enough to remember one password for LastPass Password Manager and store the rest of the passwords in a convenient application that automatically submits the necessary data in the authorization fields. 256-bit AES-encryption is responsible for reliable protection and safety of your data.


Fans of learning something new in the large digital encyclopedia database Wikipedia created a separate client for easy reading called Wikipanion. The program provides a convenient search tool and the ability to switch from one article to another; it stores the history of visits and displays a selection of materials based on your preferences. You can add bookmarks, not only for an article but also for its individual sections.

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