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Benefits Of AI And ML In Digital Marketing

If we talk about major advancements in digital marketing, the adoption of AI by SEO Agency needs foremost mention. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are probably the two most talked about aspects of digital marketing technology, and rightly so!

Why are ML and AI the most talked about among digital marketers today?

With the exponential popularity of using mobile devices for Internet activities, every Web Design Agency professional realized the need to adapt business websites to suit mobile platforms for customer-satisfaction. And as things became more customer-centric, businesses experienced the mammoth volumes of customer data generated every minute. If this data could be used to fetch customer insights, businesses could fare much better! 

But how?

Moreover, there were wide differences found to be present among the varying tastes and preferences of customers, not to mention the diversity of sources and social media platforms from where data was being gathered. Ultimately there was no tailored information available – it was a mix of heterogeneous information in piles and piles, and experts realized the huge potential that was being wasted.

Thankfully, at this juncture, ML and AI came into the picture as game changers.

Using a combo of AI and ML, businesses could target every internet user, and feed in their details to businesses for better profitability. 

How AI and ML can be used in digital marketing?

AI is indeed groundbreaking technology that imitates the way we humans think, talk and even react. As AI is imitating the activities of the human brain, it is being adopted to perform jobs that were earlier done by human employees. Take the example of humanoid robots working in the manufacturing units of car companies. 

Now Machine Learning is a stream of AI and it refers to the ability of systems or machines to work on their own by using datasets. Thus machine learning solves intricate and complex problems on its own, without any human intervention. In the perfect marketing environment, AI and ML would help marketers not only to understand the previously untraceable problems but also to solve them. Some problems may appear to be really complex and despite elbow greasing, marketers could not succeed, but with the guidance of this technology, they now have a hold on it. You should take cues from giant corps like Amazon and Google as they have already started reaping the benefits of this technology. For instance, Amazon deploys the techniques of AI to leverage the data like product searches, buying history, etc to generate customized recommendations for every customer. 

How can digital marketers benefit from using AI and ML?

Digital marketers are mainly concerned with boosting up conversion rates, and needless to say, ML and AI also offer this opportunity to the marketers. Besides this, here are few other proven advantages a digital marketer can enjoy if he/she applies this great technology:

Boost customer engagement 

Believe it or not, many users even after landing on websites do not have an idea about what they came looking here for. They need guidance and thus they should be offered the liberty to shoot their questions. But does it imply that a marketer is now responsible for answering hundreds of questions of visitors?  Simply not, because marketers now have a more feasible option which comes in the form of AI-powered chatbots who on their behalf, would clear all the queries of the visitors! This way a company would manage to build up customer engagement which would lead to a hike in conversion rates. 

Reduce and avoid human errors

While errors make way for losses the occurrence of it is inevitable if the entire system depends solely on human intelligence. Most of the times human tend to make errors when they deal with large datasets, but AI and ML can make some activities automatic, like analyzing huge datasets of marketing. As the data would increase exponentially over the years, there is a strong need for a reliable system that would provide useful insights without making errors. 

Using AI and ML, businesses can now carry out various digital marketing activities in real-time and with effective results. Not only has the redundancy of human efforts been minimized with AI but the outcomes have also been maximized.

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