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What to Avoid When Creating a Marketing Survey?

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Surveys are one of the best tools you can use to learn what you need to change in your marketing practices and how to improve client service. However, putting a good survey together is crucial if you want to get precise answers to the questions you are asking yourself. Getting your marketing team and other employees involved is something to think about. Here are a few things you should avoid when creating a marketing survey, once you found the right online platform.

Find the Right Platform for Your Surveys

When preparing a survey, knowing what to avoid is as important as clearly defining the reasons why you are doing so. Receiving answers to questions that do not fully respond to the precise things you need to know, cannot only make it useless, but it can also tweak your vision, which could cause confusion and lead you the wrong way when you will analyze the data.

Today, with the right partner for your online surveys, you can hardly go wrong. With the numerous tools they provide to help you prepare them, it will ensure that you get the questions right. It will also let you create a great visual design around them, which will entice your clients to complete the questionnaire. They will also help you make sure that you can release the survey anywhere you want to (social networks, web page, e-mails), and provide you with the right instruments to analyze the data once it is completed. Click here for registration.

Common Errors

Too Many Questions

No matter how good looking your visual design is, there will come a moment when the person answering will simply get bored or tired and will leave the survey if you have too many questions. Concentrate on what you really need to know. It is better to proceed with more surveys throughout the year then having them take too much time to fill.

Don’t Lead Your Clients

It is human to desire receiving the answers we want to hear but there is no point in planning a survey if you are going to lead your clients into responding in a certain way. The best solution is to put on paper the questions/answers you want to ask/solve and have someone else, less emotionally involved, write them instead of you.

One Writer Per Survey

Whether you decide to write the questions yourself or you ask someone else to do so, make sure that there is only one writer. If there is a change of style or tone, it can confuse the person answering the questions.

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