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Building a Big Brand: 7 Lessons to Follow

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The advantages of going big are too appealing. Big brands tend to be trusted by funding institutions and therefore get to access funding more easily. In addition, they have the resources to hire the best talents and are exposed to a wider customer base.

However, building a big brand is not free of challenges. To get there, you will be required to be aggressive in marketing, deal with competition and keep up with market changes. Big brands also mean more work in managing cash flows, employees, customers and suppliers.

Nevertheless, it is a journey worth taking. If you aspire to build a big brand, here are 7 lessons to follow.

1.  Build a powerful brand identity

A brand identity translates to how your brand communicates to outsiders, who you are and what you are associated with. It is what sets you apart from the competition, and attracts people to start doing business with you. Think the name, visual appearance and trademark. All these brought together should create a visual language that is able to cut across different demographics. Ensure your brand identity has the following features.

  • It is flexible and able to evolve and grow as the brand grows. For example, Coca-Cola’s Timeless Brand Identity has grown with the business for over a century.
  • It is memorable. For instance, Apple products only bear the logo, and everyone identifies with that logo.
  • It is unique and stands out from competitors.
  • It can fit in every aspect of the brand, website, packaging and the like.

2.  Engage consumers on social media 

Statistics show that 1 in 3 customers contact business brands through social media. That is a huge demographic to ignore when building your business empire. Create the best social media customer experience with the following tips.

  • Have a team in place to represent your brand’s voice in social media.
  • Utilize available tools to better manage and respond to the voluminous complaints, compliments and mentions.
  • Create competitive taglines to create interactions with followers. Think Nike’s tagline, Just Do It.
  • Use social; media influencers, customers love being associated with a brand endorsed by their favorite celebrity.

3.  Build a community around your brand

Most people want to be associated with a brand in an authentic and relatable manner. In other words, to have a story and impact together, say, shared brand experience. That is why building a community around your brand is fundamental in creating human connections. How do you do that?

  • Donate to a charitable cause with every sale.
  • Involve the customers in operations. If, for example, you deal with clothing, consider using your customers as models.
  • Sponsor social media pages that add value to the value of your customers. For instance, if you are a diaper company, create a page on parenting.
  • Have a mailing list to share important and educational information around your brand.

4.  Create SEO content

Having great visibility and searchability on the web search engine is important for your big brand. It is critical in driving traffic, increasing engagement and improving general customer experience. The following tips can help you do SEO for your brand.

  • Make use of meta titles and descriptions
  • Register your brand with online directories
  • Create keyword-rich content for your website
  • Utilize Google analytics to track your search engine rankings.

5.  Promote through live events

Marketing your brand through live events is a sure way to get new leads, network and increase brand presence. You can approach this by sponsoring another live event or promoting your own live event.

If you are sponsoring another event, ensure you get the word out there of your presence using geo-targeted search, hashtags, social media campaigns and Instagram stories.

If you are promoting your own event, it helps to have a separate website for it, complete with all details such as speakers, ticket page and past testimonials. Tell the people why they need to attend through social media and have free giveaways such as tickets and branded items.

6.  Focus on your employees

Your employees are your number one brand ambassadors. In addition, their job satisfaction is critical in driving productivity, commitment and retention. If you want to grow your brand to the next level, it is important to add value to what you offer to your employees. Encourage growth through investing in training, allow flexible schedules, recognize outstanding employees and offer competitive perks. 

7.  Manage your supply chain better 

The supply chain for big brands comprises of many facets from sourcing different parts, manufacturing, warehousing, distributing and stocking. Managing a supply chain is no mean feat; each destination has its own costs and logistics to manage. That is why it is important to adopt an agile supply chain management strategy to ensure that supply is not disrupted. To manage your supply chain better;

  • Consider customer needs and demand to avoid excesses.
  • Adapt a customized logistics network for each destination.
  • Keep your core competencies in-house and only outsource where necessary.


Building a big brand takes time and money. Use the above tips to create a name for yourself. In addition, adopt agile ways of doing business to allow flexibility in all facets of your business.

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