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SEO Tips for Plumbing Businesses

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SEO is very important for every single website out there, including local service businesses like plumbing companies. In fact, because fewer and fewer people are using the traditional methods of looking for such service providers, we can say that SEO becomes vital for the existence of the modern plumbing business like this one. 

It is never too late to start doing SEO work but when it comes to plumbing, sooner is better than later given the current Covid-19 pandemic that has no clear end in sight. With this in mind, here are some very simple SEO tips plumbing businesses can use to increase their organic rankings. 

Have a clear CTA

Search engine optimization is daunting and there is so much information that you need to absorb in order to properly understand it. As a result, many plumbing sites end up filled with text and many tactics are used but a vital part of the operation is neglected. We are talking about the CTA (call to action). 

At the very minimum, you need to display the phone number of the plumbing company. Ideally, this should be clickable so a mobile user can quickly get in touch. Then, you do need to have a very easy to use and concise contact form that collects phone numbers and emails. Also, a USP (unique selling proposition) is mandatory for success in a service-oriented industry like plumbing. 

As a related tip, add a small CTA to the top header area of the website. This is the area that the user always sees so he/she would be much more inclined to click. 

Build separate pages for services offered

Never build a single-page site for a plumbing business. Every single service provided needs to have its unique page where more information is given about what the company can do. This is where expertise is showcased and authority is presented. 

The reason why you want to have a different page set up for all the services is that homeowners look for these specific services or Google based on the problem they have. 

As an extra related tip, make sure all such pages have over 500 words of content that is informative. 

Add the location to the title

Most plumbers out there want to target absolutely all cities that they can service. You can do this but it has to be done right. The best approach is to first focus on one location, usually where the plumbing business has its office. Then, you grow from there with the creation of different location-specific pages. 

Generally, you want to secure visibility in your main service area first. Then, you can focus on building up rankings for the other locations. For instance, if your main service area is Canberra, this is what you have to focus on. Create pages for all the plumbing services you offered in the city and only tart with another city when you appear on the first page of local results. 

Be present on maps

One of the most important things a plumbing business needs to do in order to have a chance to be visible in local searches is to claim the business in Google My Business. Then, the same thing should be done for Apple Maps and Bing. 

After the maps are set up, you need to do all that you can to convince customers to write business reviews. They are very effective for plumbers and can easily skyrocket how much business is gained from search engines. Obviously, this whole process takes time but you need a place to rank on the map first before you can get ranked so get it as soon as possible. 

Launch a plumbing blog

Plumbers rely on their skill to get the job done and people know it. This is why a homeowner would naturally look for a professional that can prove the job will be done right. With this in mind, launching a blog makes a lot of sense. 

The plumbing blog can showcase your expertise and since we are talking about a highly skill-related trade, there is no shortage of topics that can be covered. Just make sure that the blog is based on the needs and wishes of the customer in order to be successful. 

We should add that having a blog makes the entire company website a lot stronger. Google wants to see sites that are uploaded often so you can use this part of the site to show the search engine that the information offered is always fresh. 

Final Thoughts

Use the strategies mentioned above right now if you want to promote a plumbing business. Remember that it takes time though and you cannot expect results overnight. This is especially the case with local SEO since it is more difficult to get the very important local backlinks that will help you to climb. 

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