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The Must-Have Tools for a Successful Marketing Team

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The entire digital marketing landscape has continuing to advance, with endless tools now entering the marketspace. Many of these are now paramount to ensure a successful marketing approach. So, with this being the case, here we cover the three must have tools for any marketing team.


First in the list and a must have for any digital marketing team is Majestic. They have created the largest commercial Link intelligence database in the world, so this link data is now used as a component for search engine rankings. Majestic is also constantly revisiting web pages and now sees around a billion URLs per day. Majestic can be used for a host of different reasons but is widely used in order to check the backlink profile of a client or competitors. It will give information, such as trust flow, citation flow, tropical trust flow and the backlinks to a website. The trust flow for example is a number that predicts how trustworthy a site is, so the higher the better. This is just one example of why Majestic simply must be included as a tool within any successful digital marketing strategy. Majestic also offer a number of different plans, from the LITE, to PRO and then full API. Each will include some different features of the tool, so it is worth looking into the difference of each.

SEO tool

Second in the list is the SEO tool by Site Improve. It provides what is an all-in-one tool, which can then be tailored to your goals. It is key to a strong SEO strategy, which can ultimately help drive traffic, brand awareness and conversions for clients. The tool itself has a number of key features, that includes on-page diagnostics, activity plans, keyword insights, content optimization, duplicate content finder, backlinks and search engine analytics. Backlinks are now such an important element of any successful SEO strategy, with search engines using them to see whether a site is trustworthy. This tool will ensure you can understand your website’s backlink profile, whilst also easily identifying potentially harmful backlinks. That shows just how important this tool is and why any successful marketing team should use this.

Screaming Frog

The final tool to make this select list is Screaming Frog. It is a spider tool that works by quickly crawling websites, whilst given complete analysis and performance of the websites and their specific pages. It can not only be used to identify broken links but also broken pages, bad redirects and many more. It means that site issues can be quickly picked up and ultimately resolved, which is a fundamental service to clients. Screaming Frog is potentially the most important tool, when it comes to technical SEO and is also now the industry leading website crawler for Windows, macOS and Ubuntu. It helps to ensure that improvements are being made to onsite SEO, by the regular auditing that is taking place. Screaming Frog offer a free service, where people can download and crawl up to 500 URLs or you can buy a license and sign up for the subscription. Screaming Frog is a must have tool for any successful marketing team.

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