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5 Ways to Generate More Customers with a Mobile App

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On average, a smartphone owner utilizes their device three hours a day. A portion of this time is used to make calls, text, and check social media. The rest of it is used to search for and buy items via mobile apps or use other features available on the phone, such as fitness trackers or the calculator feature. 

If you do not have one of these now, then you’re missing out on another income stream for your business. While important in the past, they became critical during the COVID-19 crisis that we are all currently living through. In other words, there is no excuse for you not to learn how to create a mobile app. For more proof, here are 5 ways to generate more customers with a mobile app. 

1. Think about Customers from the Beginning

Sometimes, when a business owner thinks about a platform like Buildfire to create a mobile app, they leave out an important element — the customer. They get so involved in adding every bell and whistle possible that they fail to realize how complicated they are making the app, let alone how much space it will take on a user’s mobile device.

The generation of customers comes from simplicity, not fireworks. They want a big show when they get the product. Therefore, as you begin to design the mobile app, think about the people you want to serve. Then, cleanly provide what they need.

2. Provide Something Useful

On The Big Bang Theory, Leonard had an idea for an app that would help people solve differential equations. Though it focused on a small group of individuals, he came up with something useful to them. This is what you have to do when you create your app.

You will generate more customers if you create something that resolves a pain point for a section of the population. Be it a physical product or a service, it needs to offer solutions that users hadn’t thought of in the past. As a result, you may be the first person to create such a product.

3. Don’t Charge an Initial Fee

Mobile games are immensely popular for two reasons. One, they offer exciting ways to pass the time for free. Second, they upsell low-cost packages to give players the upper-hand. This leads to positive word-of-mouth for their products.

When it comes to payment, the best way to generate customers is to provide the mobile app for free. Offer enough services that users do not feel cheated if they can’t pay for a certain package or a subscription. In the end, if your product or service is outstanding, others will pay for it and let their friends know.

4. Give Away Stuff

How do websites get you to join their mailing list? They offer a small token of value. For example, an eBook or tip sheet with important advice. You can do the same on a mobile app.

Provide free items at account creation. If your business is a restaurant, then offer a free dessert or appetizer for first-time users. If you’re a book editor, give away one free hour of proofreading services. In other words, something with a physical presence and value.

5. Listen to Everyone

Your business is not run on autopilot. You constantly make tweaks with new products, promotions, and upgrades to existing digital platforms. You have to do the same with a mobile app to generate more customers.

This is particularly true if they have a hard time downloading or logging into the app. If you do not immediately correct the issues, then you’ll be seen as a business owner who neglects his customers. Make sure you include a customer feedback option on the app so new and existing customers can express their concerns.


Mobile apps allow customers to be acquired, relationships to develop, and lead to the retention of long term customers. In order to create a customer for a mobile app you should always think about the target audience and provide something useful, not charge an initial fee, offer promotions or giveaways through your app, and encourage and implement feedback. 

As you can see, the ways to generate more customers with a mobile app do not take much money or time. They need forethought before development. However, that is not any different from the plans you first developed for your company. Take the steps mentioned above and apply them to your mobile application to become successful.

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