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Six Ways to Promote Your Video Game Using Social Media Tactics

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The online gaming industry has been booming for the last few years now. Developers all around the world are busy coming up with innovative gaming ideas daily. Various platforms allow thousands of game publishers to publish their video games. Therefore the competition is fierce. 

In the fourth quarter of 2020, a famous gaming company Tencent was the highest grossing company in the world. A video game is successful only if more people play it regularly. So how do you to reach a broad section of the audience for your video game? 

This post tells you how to accomplish that. Various social media platforms can increase your reach to the right kind of audience. Once you access the right platform to build up awareness and host your video game, more people will be willing to play the game. 

Let us see how to promote your video game using social media.

YouTube marketing

YouTube has immense power to reach audiences from various parts of the world. According to YouTube, they are proud to have over 2 billion monthly active users. If you don’t have a YouTube channel yet, it is about time to set up one of your own. 

Start video marketing your game game on your YouTube channel using a free graphic design software for your YouTube thumbnails and banners. Use high-definition graphics to showcase your video game. Follow a strategic plan of action to market the video game. Begin by displaying the most exciting part of your video games. This way, you can create a thrilling teaser of your video game. 

Also, include high-definition sounds and graphics to showcase how cool the video game is. When uploading a video on YouTube, you have an option to describe your game. Include your video game link with a perfect call to action in the description to help boost downloads. 

Promoting your video game through blogging platforms

We cannot overstate the power of blogging. In the era of the Internet, blogs are the best way to reach people who read. Everyone is consuming information on the Internet in the form of blogs and articles. 

You can create your online gaming blog platform and start writing about your video game. It is also possible to contribute a guest blog on other websites to promote your video game. You can add a link to your game in the guest blog if the website allows it. 

Include all the cool features of the game you have developed. Give out specific game hacks at the end of the blog to let users win at certain levels. You can share the link to this blog on various social media channels. 

You need to regularly publish blog posts on your website, and target different long-tail and low volume keywords to help you generate more organic traffic.

Using ASO to market the game effectively

If your video game has a mobile version, you can optimize the game using app store optimization (ASO). ASO increases a game app’s visibility in the app store. Putting up your game in the app stores is the best way to enhance its reach to various sections of your target audience. 

ASO is for mobile apps and SEO for blogs and websites. Optimizing the apps and games on the Play Stores can lead to increased visibility and discoverability of your game. It increases the discoverability of the game organically. This way, the game will appear in the search results, and the possibility of a download increases. Alternatively, for quicker results, focus your marketing budget on the channel that allows for laser-precise targeting and has great click-through rates – In-App Advertising.

In addition to this, publishing your video game on various app stores enhances its visibility. Use gentle encouragement to acquire ratings for your game. As the positive ratings shoot up, the game rank in the app store will improve.

You can also put your app links on social media channels pointing to Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

Reach out to gaming influencers

Influencers have changed the way brands reach a targeted section of the audience. So many industries have begun investing in various influencers. Influencers constantly endorse products or services on their social media channels. 

Influencer marketing has been the rage on social media channels. Many have a massive following on their channels. When you hire a gaming influencer, you can trust their followers to try out your game. 

A considerable number of gamers prefer playing a game after getting a review from their favorite influencer. Therefore, it is wise to invest in an influencer to market your video game. It is always better to observe popular influencers in the gaming industry before you hire. 

This way, you can target a massive number of gamers and successfully market your video game. 

In-game marketing

Often, while playing a game, we see an advertisement for another game. There are so many game developers who use viral marketing strategies. They target viral video games on the app store and put an advertisement within the game. 

There are chances that the gamer who is playing the game installs your game after looking at a video. One of the best ways to market your video game is by putting it within another popular game. 

Using review websites to market your video game

This kind of marketing strategy is similar to influencer marketing. You put your game on a review website. People can then submit a review of the game. With more positive feedback, more people will be willing to try out your video game. 

You can post your game details on some of the top gaming review websites. These websites work on the concept of word-of-mouth marketing. People talk about a game, and the readers are willing to try out the game only if the reviews are positive enough. 

When you submit your video game to a review website, make sure to include the following things:

  • Game information and reason to play
  • Current rating and reviews
  • Promo code to attract more users
  • A HD video teaser
  • Link to the official website & social media channels


This post points out some ways to promote your video game using social media platforms and social media marketing. Strategically marketing your video game may help you get more users to use the game and increase downloads.

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