How eShelf is Transforming the Workflow of Creative Agencies

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For creative agencies, the focus of their day-to-day work should always be inventive productivity — not necessary, but time-consuming administrative tasks. Project management, file sorting and organizing, data coordination, and customer communications can be some of the most important yet tedious duties within an organization. Too much time spent poring over data files or searching for where you put that customer contract can easily disrupt the flow of creativity.

As CEO of Gallery Design Studio, Caroline Petersen knows what it takes to keep a creative agency running smoothly. She also now heads eShelf, a software designed to alleviate administrative sluggishness that can hamper creative organizations.

“We aim to make creative operations simple,” says Petersen. “Many of our clients have expressed that they are feeling overwhelmed as they try to manage their content files and associated processes.”

Petersen and her eShelf team have made it their mission to help creative agencies stop feeling overwhelmed and find their artistic mojo again.

A Solution for Small to Mid-sized Agencies

The idea for eShelf was born out of a need recognized by Petersen herself. She saw through experience that most Digital Asset Manager options were financially out of reach for small to mid-sized creative agencies or startups.

“Narrow profit margins, limited team members, and the high demand for creative content in today’s marketing environment drove me to search for a better tech solution,” Petersen explains. “With eShelf, we provide a simplification of workflow in an accessible and affordable package.”

A Versatile Platform

The eShelf program goes beyond being simply an organizational tool — the platform is truly versatile and addresses most of the administrative needs of creative agencies. Its user-friendly central file hub acts as a highly intuitive digital asset manager, allowing both clients and organizational team members to find and exchange information.

The eShelf program is also incredibly streamlined to discourage the use of scattered or ad hoc file links. When creatives are in the midst of a project, tracking down scattered files can cause the creative process to grind to a halt. The streamlined asset management system promotes organized and accessible file management, so that everyone — from clients to team members to leadership — can benefit.

The portal provided is a welcoming branded experience that elevates the look and feel of the asset management system above a simple folder. This allows the agency to promote its full brand experience while providing a quick and efficient asset search and management platform.

Helping Agencies Grow

Petersen and her team are keen to help other creative agencies scale and provide top-notch customer service and support. In a nod to a “rising tide lifts all ships,” the better a small to mid-sized creative agency can provide for its clientele, the better the entire creative industry looks.

As agencies scale, they must learn to balance the administrative needs of the organization with client expectations and continued creative innovation. With eShelf’s approach to organization, agencies can better weather some of the typical ‘growing pains’ of growing their firms.

Petersen knows that as assets grow, juggling the organization can become more challenging. “Juggling an ever-growing content library and endless manual tasks can stifle creativity and productivity, jeopardizing client and creative talent retention,” she says. By using eShelf to streamline the organization’s workflow, agencies can get back to the business of creating and growing their client base.

Clients are similarly emboldened by the self-service aspects of the platform, allowing them access to assets and information they may need from the agency independently and anytime they may need them. “With eShelf, we can significantly reduce the need for manual file-sharing requests, saving teams anywhere from 2-10 hours per week,” Petersen explains, highlighting the benefits of giving clients 24/7 access to files.

Security is also a feature of the eShelf platform. “We’ve got you covered,” says Petersen. “Because eShelf utilizes top-notch cloud storage designed for businesses, it ensures the safety and availability of files whenever you need them.”

Simplifying Your Business

Beginning a creative agency can be a monumental amount of work, so anything that makes tasks easier, more accessible, and more efficient is welcomed. This is why eShelf’s mission is to offer intuitive solutions for simplifying one’s creative business. As creative agencies grow, tasks can become more complex, and client requests can slow creative work, which is why eShelf aims to be a tailored solution for growing agencies.

Leaders of small teams or creative start-ups often believe they have to take on all the administrative and asset management tasks themselves, whether to save money or time. The efficient processes and streamlined workflows of eShelf can mean the difference between a successful startup or small to mid-sized agency, or one with an overwhelmed leader at the helm.

Petersen is hopeful that the solution she and her team have created will be a game-changer for creative agencies. “Think of us like your digital bookshelf,” says Petersen. “We offer a bird’s-eye view of all your creative files, grouped by client, and at a single glance.”

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Caroline Petersen

Caroline Petersen is the founder and Chief Design Officer of Gallery Design Studio, a NYC-based design consultancy specializing in marketing for B2B AI-driven software companies. Recently, she founded eShelf, a creative operations SaaS platform that revolutionizes agency profitability. eShelf is a 24/7 self-service portal that automates file management, time tracking, and project management, while offering holistic 360 reporting. With eight years of experience in the global tech sector, she is an expert in design, business, and technology.