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FEATURED ARTICLE — August 7th, 2020

Importance of Visual Content in Online Marketing

Words are powerful! And nothing can beat well-written text in print and online marketing.

But there is something about visuals such as images, videos, and infographics that instantly draws reader attention – enough to connect and entice them with your brand!

In fact, the human brain has always processed images faster than words, so… the new marketing trend of incorporating visuals does not come as a surprise!

And the marketers who are still hesitating with this integration are probably missing out on one of the most significant (and successful) online marketing tactics!

Here is why!

1. Consumers Prefer Visuals

Humans are visual beings! And as mentioned above, we are able to retain information faster that is provided in image-based format – compared to text-only documents! Successful platforms such as Instagram show that visuals are a great source of creating user engagement.

Studies also show that readers pay close attention to photos and other images that provide relevant information. However, they choose to ignore words and fluff pictures that are simply used to fill up the webpages. 

Visual content also has the potential to get higher views and engagement, which leads to a better conversion rate in online marketing.

2. We Don’t Like to Read

With the average attention span of humans hitting an all-time low, most of us get distracted easily. And most visitors will simply skim through a web page, reading roughly 20% of the text. They are also likely to spend less than 15 seconds actively reading the text on a webpage – most probably missing out on the crucial message you want to convey.

However, when the same message is converted into a one-minute long video, it gets consumed easily... Read More

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