Author - Alexia McKay

avatarAlexia McKay is a working journalist, publicist, publisher, speaker, and entrepreneur. She is a founder and publisher of RoyalTee Magazine, a quarterly publication that highlights young people of color in the business, community, and entrepreneurial fields, and RoyalTee Gen, a lifestyle outlet that speaks to the Gen Z population. She is also the creator of Rattler Girls Rock, a platform that highlights women of Florida A&M, and promotes sisterhood and HBCU unity. She is also a publicist at Otter Public Relations, where she manages media outreach for a diverse array of clients in the areas of politics, lifestyle, entertainment, and business. She has over a decade of journalism experience and has nourished her talents at BET, CBS, FOX, ABC, and Spectrum news affiliates as a television producer.

PR Beyond Media Placements

When one isn’t embroiled in the public relations industry, it can be difficult to explain exactly what PR is — or what it’s supposed to do. Many...