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Graphic Design & Clip Art Resources

CSS3 Button Generator Lets you easily create new or preset buttons in CSS or HTML code. You can create the background color, borderadding width, drop/inner shadow, font color/size, etc.

Clip Art Warehouse Clip Art Warehouse has thousands of icons, animated gifs, animations, desktop icons, and more. Most are totally FREE to do with as you please. Definitely one of the best clip art image repositories on the Web. An excellent resource site for anyone wanting to learn more about using Adobe PhotoShop. The site has articles, tutorials, tips and tools related to PhotoShop usage as well as a helpful discussion forum. Offers over 10,000 original fr'ee clipart images in 32 categories for non-profit personal use. Site isn't fancy but has some unique content.

Graphxkingdom Graphxkingdom is home to thousands of clipart, bars, backgrounds, interfaces, and other cool, free graphics. If you need to spice up your site with some images, this site is a good place to start.

PicJuice A simple online photo editor that allows you to easily edit images online. Resize, crop, rotate, flip and adjust contrast and color levels.

AllGraphic Design A graphic design and desktop publishing resources directory with image editing shareware, graphics forums, filters, templates, schools, jobs, and more. A free icons search engine. It has a search filtering and result matching system making it possible to find an icon you need for every design task. Features include a User Set tool to save your icons in your personal Favorites box and 24/7 access from any location, etc. A rapidly growing news and community site devoted to creating and using graphics. Membership is fr'ee and gives you access to all areas of the site. Over 32,000 members have signed up to date. Provides a large collection of public domain clip art. The files are available for free - no registration required. Use for business or personal documents and projects. An online magazine & new media and design portal that focuses on digital culture. Hard site to describe but offers a wealth of interesting design resources. Be sure to check out the ToolBox area.

Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator A powerful Photoshop-like CSS gradient editor site. You can specify gradients using pure CSS3, use them as repeating backgrounds for effects, and CSS gradients are cross-browser (using recent versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari); will default to simpler gradients in IE. Features web design and Adobe Photoshop articles and tutorials. The site's focus is exclusively on Photoshop so if graphic design is your thing, this site is definitely worth a visit.

Color Scheme Designer An easy to use utility to design color schemes and palettes for use in websites. Features include a color wheel, a preview window, undo, custom settings, color space (RGB, Web, PANTONE), etc. Simply turn the wheel and preview how colors will look together - then save or export it to HTML, XML, or text. An online art community for artists and art lovers. The site offers some outstanding art and icon collections. One of the web's most popular destinations.