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Graphic Design & Clip Art Resources An archive of clip art that can be used without payment by anyone. All graphics submitted to the project are placed into the Public Domain. An open-source online service that makes screenshots of your web design in different browsers. Provides screenshots for various Mac, Linux and Windows based web browsers. Offers a vast collection of information and resources for print designers, photographers, illustrators, Web designers and webmasters.

Sumopaint Is an online image editing software that allows you to create, open and edit images. Completed images can be saved to your account online or to your local computer. Slick and easy to use.

Color Scheme Designer An easy to use utility to design color schemes and palettes for use in websites. Features include a color wheel, a preview window, undo, custom settings, color space (RGB, Web, PANTONE), etc. Simply turn the wheel and preview how colors will look together - then save or export it to HTML, XML, or text. An online art community for artists and art lovers. The site offers some outstanding art and icon collections. One of the web's most popular destinations.

QR A QR code generator. It gives you the ability to generate QR Codes for print, email, etc. Made using a custom ISO-compliant alogorithm - these QR Codes are not bound by image size and resolution limits like others in the industry. Simply select your data and content type, foreground color, and output. A useful directory of design, graphic, and marketing companies. Search by category or location.

QRCode.LittleIdiot Allows you to create QR codes from different kinds of data (i.e. Regular Text, Phone Number, vCard, meCard, Hyperlink, etc.). You can then download your code in either rasterized (PNG) and/or vector format (PDF, SVG, EPS).

Design Directory A directory site of quality design links made by designers for designers and other web professionals involved in different areas of design.

LogoTypeMaker A free logo generator. Just type in your logo name and press the "generate logo" button to view a selection of randomly generated logo designs. Personalize your logo by changing color, font, shape, size, etc. and save/download in PNG and/or JPEG formats.

VectorStock One of the largest royalty-free vector only stock sites on the web. Global ad agencies or freelance graphic designers can use vector graphics to make any project come to life. Thousands of new premium vector graphics are added weekly. A collection of high-quality public domain images tailored for use in word processors and optimized for printing on home/small office inkjet printers. Currently, the site has over 17,300 images.

COLOURlovers A creative community where people discover and share color palettes. The site has the tools that make the creative process as simple as possible; taking a project from design inspiration to execution. A resource website providing educational and reference material in the field of electronic media. Topics covered include video, audio, still imagery & graphics, website design, etc.