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FEATURED ARTICLE — June 27th, 2017

Creating Content that Earns Links Organically: A Nutshell Guide

Today, everyone wants to create content that’s good enough to pull in links on its own.

Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done.

While creating valuable organic content is possible, it takes some time, attention, skill and know-how. Dedicate yourself to mastering it, though, and your content strategy will never be the same.

Here’s your complete guide.

First Things First: Define Your Goal

In the words of Moz, “engagement alone is a poor goal.”  If you want to create content that earns links organically, you’ve got to shoot further than engagement as a standard. While engagement is all well and good, it’s not enough to give you those organic links you’re craving.

Instead, you’d do well to focus on metrics like engagement, conversions and shares. These things, together, create content that earns organic links.

When you take the time and energy to define the goal for your content before you start creating it, it’s easier to stay on track and save yourself edits down the road.

How to Create Great Organic Content: 6 Tips

Content is a diverse field: it comes in all shapes and sizes. If you want to create content that earns organic links, though, you’ve got to focus on these six things:

1. Make it Trustworthy 

People don’t link to content they don’t trust. With this in mind, everything from your header to your closing paragraph needs to scream “Trustworthy” to your reader. Reinforce this by always citing your sources, providing links for statistics and quotes, and staying away from egregious claims. The more precise you can be about your information, the more trustworthy your content will be.

You’ll also want to ensure the information you’re providing is relevant... Read More

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