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FEATURED ARTICLE — November 22nd, 2017

5 Free Chrome Extensions to Boost Your SEO

Google launched the Chrome browser in 2008 and it quickly became the most popular browser on the market. Statistics reveal more than 50 percent of users (and likely many more than that) use Chrome on a regular basis.

Chrome has become the world’s most popular browser due to it’s speed and reliability, but also due to new functionality that was launched in 2010: The Chrome Web Store.

Although this new browser ‘add-on’ concept wasn’t the first in the market (Mozilla’s Firefox holds that claim), extensions have been a game changer that have allowed developers to create applications, themes and extensions for Chrome. This concept has the capability to add previously unavailable functionality to a Web browser, and crosses the chasm between a browser and a third-party application.

Chrome isn’t the only browser to have extensions; the two main competing browsers, namely Mozilla Firefox and more recently Microsoft Edge (previously Internet Explorer), have their own versions of add-ons also.

Extensions and reliability are a large part of why Chrome is the browser of choice for SEOs. In this post, I’ll outline five free Chrome extensions that I use on a regular basis that are useful for SEO.

1. Check My Links

Google hates broken links. Most SEOs are versed in the danger of the dreaded 404 error, however, finding broken links can be troublesome, especially in pages that have thousands of words.

Check My Links solves this issue. This fantastic extension runs against the currently loaded webpage, and makes it easy to identify any broken links or redirects.

It also has a handy feature to allow you to export content to CSV format for further data manipulation or safe keeping.

2. Yslow 

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