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FEATURED ARTICLE — February 15th, 2019

The Complete Guide to Gen Z Social Media Marketing

Gen Z cohort is slowly entering the marketing landscape and has started to replace the Millennials. The purchasing power of Gen Z audiences has been estimated between $29 billion to $143 billion. 

Marketing to a Gen Z audience is not the same as marketing to Millennials. They have different social media habits and they do not trust a brand as easily. Let’s learn more about Gen Z, their habits and how to market to them effectively. 

Who Are the Gen Z Audience?

Those who born in 1996 and after are referred to as the Gen Z audience. Approx 32% of the population in the United States will comprise the Gen Z audience within a year. They are set to outnumber millennials.

Gen Z are the people who were born in the era of internet. They have been using the internet right from their childhood so they are aware of every popular platform and how things work there. 

Differences Between Gen Z And Millennials

There are a number of differences between Gen Z and Millennials. Gen Z does not respond to marketing campaigns sent using text based mediums. They know what is real and work hard to achieve that. 

Gen Z is pragmatic and their focus is on saving money. They are always looking for brands that feel authentic. They are inspired by social values and their behavior is much more stable as compared to the Millennials. The table below summarizes the differences between Millennials and Gen Z.

What are the Social Media Habits of Gen Z Audiences?

A marketer must learn how to market to the Gen Z audience. Why am I saying that? Because the Gen Z audience is highly responsible in nature. Gen Z is already aware of the social media mishaps that can happen so they market themselves intelligently in front of their prospective employers.... Read More

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