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FEATURED ARTICLE — July 21st, 2017

5 Easy Ways to Produce Engaging Videos

Video is a powerful medium for content marketing.

According to Forbes, the second largest search engine in the world is YouTube. Billions of people are looking for videos to watch every single day.

Maybe that’s because you can’t beat video for storytelling. Need evidence? Look to films and television. The combination of visuals, sound, and movement add up to emotional resonance.

Videos are also easy to digest – just sit back and watch. They’re especially effective for how-tos, explaining concepts and illustrating ideas. Plus, as technology gets better and better, it’s becoming easier and easier to stream videos from anywhere, on any platform, on any device.

Videos also hit some requirements for good content – they’re useful and informative. For an example, check out this tutorial from Express Writers that shows you how to order from our Content Shop:

Finally, don’t forget videos are a fresh type of content that adds energy to an already-crowded, staid sea of blogs, articles, posts, and infographics.

These are all good reasons why video marketing is so of-the-moment. There’s one quid pro quo, however.

Videos provide a level of engagement that’s perfect for some types of content – but not all.

The question that remains: When should you utilize the power of video marketing? When should you refrain?

Most importantly, what are some low-cost, easy ways to produce videos for your content?

When Is Video Content Marketing the Right Move?

You can’t produce videos for every content need. Videos take a bit more time and effort than writing up a blog post or researching an article. When you do decide to use a video as your medium, it has to be worth it.

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