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FEATURED ARTICLE — May 23rd, 2018

10 eLearning Tools in Digital Marketing You Need to know Before It’s Too Late

Despite the fact that you are utilizing content from outstanding sources, or maybe even have outstanding content of your own, preparing workers for a new career is difficult. But if you’re a trainer, it obviously has to be done. And one of the biggest stresses of training is simply putting together a framework of how you are going to train incoming staff.

Thankfully, there is an extensive variety of online applications which can enable you to investigate designs, make course content, and coordinate with trainees. I used my spectrum internet to gather all of this useful information, and to inspect these applications. After all, training sessions often implement eLearning activities.

Here is a list of my favourite productivity tools for eLearning!


What is Trello? – Among professionals who have experimented with multiple project management tools, Trello is often the preferred choice, mostly because of how user-friendly it is. In addition, Trello offers a freemium package. Teams throughout a company utilize it to shape everything, from great logistical changes to the testing and releasing of new features. Trello’s methodology is inspired by the Kanban technique, which practices a transparent and clear pictorial direction to handle production developments.

Why Trello for eLearning? – eLearning projects typically involve a wide array of participants. There are several stages of project management exclusively offered by Trello, which is comprised of cards, lists, and boards. Team members can be added to cards, but only people involved in a certain presentations, and slides are generated and stored there. It is undeniably useful when you need to coordinate with people across teams and organizations.

Google Docs:

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