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FEATURED ARTICLE — August 24th, 2016

How to Rank Higher in Local Search Results

For any small business, appearing in a local search is crucial to bringing new business through your doors. While word-of-mouth is enough to stir up some new business, it isn’t nearly the same as what a Google recommendation could do for you. But many small businesses simply don’t have the marketing budget to hire an expert SEO strategist to help improve their rankings. With this guide, you will:

What is a Local Search?

• Understand how a local search differs from a standard search and why it is important.

• Learn how to shift your SEO strategy to appear in local search results.

• See the importance of your online reputation.

• Find out new ways to improve your search results rating and bring new customers through your door.

Before getting
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Opera VPN-for-Android-Opera-VPN

Opera Debuts Free VPN App for Android

Opera is bringing its free and unlimited built-in VPN to Android. The app enables users to improve their online privacy, block ad-tracking cookies, gain access to more online content, expand the geographical scope of apps and test the security of Wi-Fi… Read More
Twitter night mode

Twitter Finally Debuts Night Mode for iOS App

Twitter’s night mode is finally coming to iOS, one month after coming to Android. The feature permits users to change the color of the background on Twitter’s app with text appearing white. The change enables easier reading and scanning during night… Read More
Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 2.51.36 PM

Scheduling Start-Up Genee Joining Microsoft’s Office 365 Team

Microsoft is giving Office 365 some extra teeth with the acquisition of artificial intelligence start-up Genee. The scheduling service, which makes scheduling (or re-scheduling) meetings easier through the use of natural language processing and optimized… Read More

Technology News


Tech Tricks That Make Managing Your Company Easier

Managing your business won’t be a hassle if the proper tech tools are used. According to experts, there are multiple business management apps that are worth considering. If you want to streamline your operation but are not sure what apps and programs… Read More
The Echo

Amazon Planning Two Music Services

Amazon is gearing up to take on Apple Music, Spotify and other such music streaming services with two services of its own. According to a Re/code report, Amazon is working on a $10-a-month music service which will be similar to those offered by its rivals… Read More
VR Sony

The Pokémon GO Phenomenon

Thanks to the global frenzy around Pokémon GO, augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) technology have become very hot property. “The impact is profound. This is week one of the next 10 years,” claims Ian Hetherington, CEO and founder of 3D mapping… Read More

SEO News


Breathe New Life Into Old Content for SEO Boost

“Content marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.” — Jon Buscall, CEO of Moondog Marketing & Media Content is a foundational cornerstone to SEO. No matter how many SEO tools, tricks and best practices you leverage, you won’t attain significant… Read More

Effective Ways to Relate Content Marketing and SEO

Content marketing is a huge part of SEO so you will discover that it touches almost every aspect of your SEO strategy to some extent. If you understand the relationship between SEO and content marketing, you will be able to use efficient ways to relate… Read More
http address shows online mobile websites or internet

Mobile SEO: A Guide for Top Ranking Results

“It’s hard to think of any tool, any instrument, any object in history with which so many developed so close a relationship so quickly as we have with our phones.” — Nancy Gibbs, Editor at Time Magazine Smartphone devices have truly become… Read More

Social Media News

Lifestage 1

Facebook Debuts Lifestage for Students

Facebook is targeting the all-important under 21 crowd with its new Snapchat-like app. Dubbed Lifestage, the iOS selfie and video app was designed by a teenager for those of school age to connect them with other students at their school. Designed by 19-year-old… Read More

Why Facebook Needs Small Businesses

“Facebook is uniquely positioned to answer questions that people have, like, what sushi restaurants have my friends gone to in New York lately and liked? These are queries you could potentially do with Facebook that you couldn’t do with anything… Read More
Twitter front desk

Twitter Giving Users More Options for What They See

It feels like it’s a little late to the game, but Twitter’s introducing some changes to how users interact. The company announced Thursday it will begin rolling out changes which will involve who users see in their feeds and which Tweets get… Read More


Business & Marketing News

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Google Releases Expanded Text Ads With Up to Double the Space

At the Google Performance Summit in June, the search giant announced (among other things) that AdWords PPC (pay-per-click) ads were getting an overhaul in a major way. After conducting extensive testing on the format of these long-standing ads, Google… Read More

Why and How Content Marketing Can Be Your No. 1 Revenue Driver Online

As an online marketer, you know how critical it is to bring in quality leads. Did you know, though, that content marketing can help you do it in a big way? While many marketers focus the majority of their efforts on things like paid advertisements and… Read More
Image courtesy of (Stuart Miles)/

B2B eCommerce Trends: 9 Experts Discuss the Big Shift That’s Coming to B2B

Whether it’s in the blogosphere, at conferences, or on social media, we’re hearing a lot about the growth of B2B eCommerce this year. B2B sales are moving from the phone line to online, and that has profound implications for both the B2B industry… Read More

Other News

technology, code

Is Protocol-Oriented Programming Just Another Buzzword?

Everybody likes free stuff, and developers are no exception. Object Oriented Programming (OOP) gives developers a way to get free stuff by subclassing objects. Subclassing is convenient. However, an app that has been subject to “subclass abuse” can… Read More

Apple Buys Health Data Collection Platform ‘Gliimpse’

Apple has acquired Gliimpse, a California-based personal data collection firm for an unknown sum in a bid to boost its suite of health apps. Although Apple actually purchased the start-up earlier this year; the company only today confirmed the acquisition… Read More
Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift Coming to Canadian, European Stores Sept. 20

Oculus Rift is coming to a store near you in Canada and Europe. You can now pre-order Rift online from retailers in Europe and Canada with shipping and in-store availability beginning Sept. 20. Demo experiences for the virtual reality headset will soon… Read More


Advertisement is courtesy of Smashbox Cosmetics, a brand Modiface is partnering with on another upcoming project.  Smashbox is the only beauty brand born out of a legendary photo studio—Smashbox Studios in L.A.— where major photographers, celebrities and makeup artists converge to create iconic images every day.

New Live-Scan Technology Converts Photos Into Augmented Reality Looks

  Toronto, Canada – August 9, 2016 – ModiFace, the leading provider of augmented reality technology for the beauty industry, is today announcing the availability of a new patented Live-Scan technology which can take a 3D live recording of any… Read More
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Why Is SEO Marketing Important for a Startup?

  Dot Com Infoway, one of the leading digital marketing companies in the world, is organizing a webinar, “Why is SEO marketing important for a startup” on Aug. 24. In this millennium of startups, a great idea alone is not enough to sustain any… Read More
Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 9.04.44 AM

Saas Labs Launches AdLatch With Mission to Help Online Publishers Reduce Revenue Loss Caused by Visitors Using Adblockers

Saas Labs announces the release of AdLatch, software as a service designed to help publishers reclaim revenue lost to Adblockers and analyze the performance of visitors using these devices. Publishers leverage these insights to identify revenue forfeited… Read More

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