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FEATURED ARTICLE — May 24th, 2016

Why You Don’t Have to Nofollow Good Links in Your Content

Nofollow is a tool that was introduced in 2005 by Google’s Matt Cutts and Blogger’s Jason Shellen. The idea was that the tag could be used for the purpose of decreasing spam on blogs by instructing search engines that a hyperlink would have no bearing or affect on the ranking of the link’s target.

In other words, nofollow was designed for use in links that the site owner did not want influencing Google’s index. Unfortunately, nofollow is nearing 10 years old, yet bloggers, webmasters and content marketers alike have misused it for nearly every one of those 10 years. Read on to learn more.

Nofollow’s Original Purpose

At its inception, nofollow looked like it would be an effective way to fight spam. It was great at keeping unhelpful links (the ones that didn’t
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Twitter front desk

Twitter Offers Users More Flexibility on 140-Character Tweet Limit

Twitter announced today the ways it will make its 140-character tweets more flexible for users. Confirming reports last week of such a change, Twitter said it will no longer count media attachments such as photos, GIFS, videos, quote tweets and polls… Read More
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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg giving his F8 Keynote.

Trending Topics Investigation Reveals No Evidence of Bias: Facebook

An investigation into Facebook’s Trending Topics has revealed no bias in the selection of articles chosen for the feed, the social network claims. Despite the finding, however, Facebook has said it will change its Trending Topics processes to help eliminate… Read More
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Google Gets Patent for Human Flypaper for Autonomous Vehicles

It sounds laughable, but Google has been awarded a patent for human fly paper. U.S. Patent Office photo In this case, the system would be used on Google’s self-driving cars so that if a pedestrian or cyclist were to be hit, the sticky technology would… Read More

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Uber Enters the Autonomous Car Race

Uber, as long suspected, is getting in on the self-driving trend. In fact, the high-tech transportation company is already in the testing phase of the project. According to a report from the Pittsburgh Tribune, Uber has a test car from its Advanced Technologies… Read More
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Google Appeals French ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ Fine, Demands

Google is appealing an order from France’s data protection watchdog to remove ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ requests from all of the tech firm’s search engines. Google today filed its appeal with France’s Council of State in response to the Commission… Read More

Google Takes its VR Aspirations to Next Level With Daydream

Google is taking the next step on its virtual reality journey with a new Android-based VR platform. Unveiled at its annual I/O conference in Mountain View, Calif. yesterday, Daydream, a platform for mobile virtual reality that Google plans to release… Read More

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SEO Targeting

SEO Forecast: How Google Will Alter Algorithms

“It is not the job of search engine optimization to make a pig fly. It is the job of the SEO to genetically re-engineer the website so that it becomes an eagle.” – Bruce Clay SEO is a never-ending battle. Some relish the ebb and flow and have… Read More

Pay-Per-Click Advertising – How to Get Started

When you have a website that you want people to visit and buy from, it needs to be visible on search engines like Google. One of the fastest and easiest ways of expanding your website’s reach is Google AdWords; it’s a tool that offers marketers results… Read More
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Google is Playing Musical Chairs with Ranking and it will Cost Us Billions

Google has gone crazy — again. Every year Google, spins its secrete algorithm roulette wheel to see what it wants to emphasize. This year is no different. Now Google is changing the game in a big way. Google is making core changes to how it searches… Read More

Social Media News

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5 Social Media Mistakes That Are Killing Your Business Results

The online marketing world is evolving at a rapid pace since the emergence of social media. Nowadays, many prospective clients will judge you based on your social media presence, so it’s imperative to keep a professional profile and maintain your… Read More

Lawsuit Accuses Facebook of Scanning Private Messages to Boost Page Likes

Facebook has been slapped with a lawsuit for allegedly scanning users’ private messages. The lawsuit, which was filed in a Northern California District court, accuses Facebook of breaching federal privacy laws by scanning and logging URLs sent through… Read More
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Facebook Debuts Real-Time Map for Live Video

Facebook is beefing up its Live Videos platform with an interactive map that enables you to see live video feeds of people across the globe. The real-time world map, which is available to desktop users, enables you to see who is streaming and where courtesy… Read More


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Branding Packaging Improves Products’ Value

eCommerce packaging doesn’t always get a lot of love, but it can make all the difference to the success of a brand and enjoyment of its customers. It’s one of the most under-utilized marketing tools for any online brand, but we’re here to help you… Read More

4 Crucial Online Reputation Management Points for Small Businesses

Online reputation management is just like normal PR and disaster management work. The only difference is, it is done online. All businesses and individuals can benefit greatly from this process. It is all about keeping the reputation of an entity in its… Read More
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4 Ways to Increase Click-Through-Rate on E-mail Marketing Campaigns

When done right, e-mail marketing is undoubtedly one of the most effective online marketing channels for reaching a particular audience and bringing them back to your website. Once a user has visited your site and you’ve captured their contact information,… Read More

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The Benefits of Having a Good Website for Your Business

It goes without saying that a website is an asset for any business these days due to the Internet’s ubiquity in daily life. As far as marketing opportunities go, the Internet is a gigantic place where you can look for people who might be interested… Read More
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Six Ways Business Owners Can Make Their Interviews More Effective

Interviews often consume a lot of time and money for businesses looking to hire. With so many unemployed and underemployed people competing for positions around the country, employers often sort through hundreds of applicants for a single position. Of… Read More
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11 Signs It’s Time to Fire a Client

How do you know when enough is enough? As a business owner, it goes against all instincts to turn away business. When things go sour, often our entrepreneurial instincts kick into high gear and we work harder at making the client happy, focus more on… Read More


WP Engine

WP Engine Sees Performance Intelligence Opportunity for Websites

AUSTIN, Texas — WP Engine, a company that powers amazing digital experiences for websites and applications built on WordPress, today announced the introduction of Page Performance, which will focus on delivering actionable insights for websites across… Read More

GoDaddy Launches Professional Web Services in Canada

TORONTO, Ont. — GoDaddy Inc. (NYSE: GDDY) the world’s largest technology provider dedicated to small businesses, launched its Professional Web Services (PWS) in Canada today. GoDaddy’s PWS products include Website Services, Search Engine Optimization… Read More
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Brinno TLC200 PRO; World’s FIRST Instant, High Dynamic Range, Time Lapse Video Camera

Palm City, FL., – Capture breathtaking High Dynamic Range (HDR), time lapse video in any light with the brinnoUSA Time Lapse Camera 200 Pro (TLC200 Pro). This upgrade from the classic TLC200 is the world’s FIRST HDR time lapse video camera. The… Read More

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