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FEATURED ARTICLE — May 25th, 2017

7 Fail-Proof Ways to Drive Organic Traffic in 2017

Many business owners know that value of SEO for driving organic traffic. However, with all the Google algorithm changes, it’s understandable why most people feel at a loss about what works and what doesn’t.

Today’s organic reach is not just determined by the keywords you stuff your copy with and the number of links you can buy. On the contrary, organic traffic only comes to those who have quality content.

Here’s how to get noticed by search engines in 2017:

1. Work on your influencer outreach strategy

Think about your industry as a giant online community. You are all in it together, so why not help each other?

I know that influencer outreach can be a bit scary – begging for links isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But you only need to jumpstart it and allow the snowball effect to happen.

Take a look at the 100 most influential content marketers. There’s a list with Twitter handles you can easily use to spark a conversation.

Another way to get links from influencers is to mention them in your blog posts and let them know about it. They might want to link back or even tweet your article.

Who doesn’t like to be praised?

2. Join conversations in Facebook groups

There are tens (if not hundreds) of Facebook groups for almost every niche. Join as many of them as possible and engage in conversations with your peers.

Get friendly with the group admins and you will have the chance to be the group’s primary content provider. Aside from the actual traffic posting in groups will bring you, you will also get other perks like recognition, a stronger reputation and yes, even Internet fame.

3. Find out what the competition is doing

You can’t get too much traffic if your competitors... Read More

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