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FEATURED ARTICLE — February 8th, 2016

Retargeting for 2016 Digital Marketing

Wouldn’t it be nice if customer buying patterns were simple?

A person sees something he likes, he thinks it over, but eventually buys it. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. People may come to a store just to visit, or someone may leave your website but has every intention to purchase in the future. Different customers mean different buying patterns. As marketers, it’s our job to analyze what those patterns are, and then promote relevant products based on those behaviors.

Thanks to the Web and social media, connecting with our target market is now easier – albeit more complicated. Customers now have other factors that could influence (and even delay) their final buying decision. Retargeting could be the solution. But is it the ‘miracle marketing tactic’ we’re looking
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Technology News

ZTE image — The ZTE Open Firefox phone.

Last Version of Firefox OS to be Released in May

The final version of Mozilla’s Firefox OS for mobile — version 2.6 — will be is released in May. Mozilla announced at its developer’s conference back in December that it will no longer develop Firefox OS or have Firefox OS-powered Smartphones manufactured. […]
Apple image — The iPhone 5C.

38 Percent of iPhone Owners Still Using Older Models

Apple still has a sizeable customer base who will indeed need to upgrade their iPhones sooner rather than later. Data from Mixpanel revealed that there are still a lot of older iPhone models in circulation. In fact, as of this week, roughly 38 percent […]

Google Brings Hammer Down on Deceptive Download Buttons

Google is cracking down on deceptive and malicious online ads. The tech titan said it is expanding Safe Browsing protection to be on guard against misleading embedded content. Chrome will now produce a warning page if you are about to land on a page with […]

SEO News

SEO Targeting

4 Easy Tips to Improve Search Engine Optimization

Whether your company has a large digital marketing budget, or you’re a startup looking for ways to save, integrating search engine optimization strategies into your website functionality and copywriting is simple and costs nothing. Notching a spot […]
http address shows online mobile websites or internet

Ultimate Guide to Boost Your Website’s Alexa Ranking

How can I improve my Alexa Ranking? That is the most asked question by every blogger. Below I will share some tech tricks to help boost your Alexa Ranking which, in turn, will attract attention to your site from every corner of the world. What is Alexa? Alexa […]

How the SEO Landscape Will Evolve in 2016

Anyone who has worked in the realm of SEO understands that it’s only constant is change. As with anything in the technological world, it is always improving and evolving to present a more intuitive and effortless experience for users. Many of yesterday’s […]

Social Media News

Linked in chart

LinkedIn Fourth Quarter Figures Show Revenue Increase

LinkedIn made “solid progress” in the final quarter of 2015. Photo Credit: TheSeafarer via flickr The social media site posted its figures for the year’s final quarter noting an overall revenue increase of 34 percent to $862 million. […]

Advertisers Given More Time on Instagram

For Instagram, longer is, apparently better. It also, likely, means more money because the picture and video-sharing social media network has begun allowing advertisers to post 60 second advertisements, double the amount of time previously allowed. The […]
Twitter homepage

Twitter Makes Changes to Expand Global Reach

Twitter is looking to extend its global reach and, through some recent changes, may just do so. Twitter logo Paul Lambert, Twitter’s product manager, explained the social network is hoping to ensure more people can stay informed through Twitter […]


Business & Marketing News

Photo Credit: grid workings by olle svensson Licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

How to Create Killer Web Pages for Your Online Business Website

Whoever thinks that creating online content is an easy task hasn’t spent hours staring at a blank page, praying for inspiration. As a business owner with limited resources, you probably know just how difficult and time-consuming it can be to find the […]
Image courtesy of (adamr)/

Mobile Conversion Success – It’s a Work in Progress

It used to be so easy. A retailer opened a store; she/he advertised on the radio, in the newspaper and, if there was enough money in the budget, on TV. Customers came into the store – some bought, some did not. To boost sales, the retailer advertised […]

6 Ways to Be a Wildly Successful Amazon Seller

Amazon is a vital lifeline for many small businesses. The mammoth eCommerce platform not only helps those with minimal recognition boost awareness by providing visibility to millions, it also is a fundamental tool for brands to pad their bottom line while […]

Other News

Image courtesy of (Kittisak) /

Apple Ordered to Pay $625M After Patent Lawsuit

Apple has lost a major lawsuit pertaining to patents surrounding secure technology. What is believed to be one of the 10 largest jury awards in United States history involving intellectual property will see Apple paying Nevada-based VirnetX $625.6 million. […]
Jon Simon/Feature Photo Service for IBM

IBM Launches Cloud Analytics

IBM continues to build on its cloud service and added another layer to the more than 25 services now available. The biggest news is the addition of analytic tools which will enable developers to track and monitor Web and mobile applications. The tools […]
Photo Credit:  Éole Wind

My Must-Try List of A/B Testing Tools — Compared

A/B testing has become so pervasive that data nerds (that’s us) are using it to optimize their dating profiles. Let’s see if the profile picture with me wearing my favorite blue shirt while petting my dog gets more clicks and e-mails. You know, in […]



Rage Raises Seed Funding For Its Anonymous Messaging App

NEW YORK, Dec. 16, 2015  — Ten Machines Corp., the developer of the anonymous messaging app for everyday emotional release, Rage, today announced the close of an initial seed financing. The funding was led Karl Mehta, the author, serial entrepreneur, […]
Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 2.10.54 PM

Cohesive Networks and ElasticHosts Cloud Partnership Helps DoToday Expand Globally

CHICAGO, IL USA and LONDON, U.K. — Cohesive Networks, a cloud-native security and network software company, today announced the success of their joint connectivity solution with public cloud provider ElasticHosts. A shared customer, DoToday, uses […]

SuretapTM and EnStream Take Major Step Forward in Mobile Ticketing With Société de Transport de Montréal

MONTRÉAL, December 7, 2015 ­ — suretapTM and EnStream LP, Canada¹s leaders in open mobile wallet and mobile payments technology respectively, have successfully completed a proof of concept that would enable transit users to pay their fares with […]

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