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FEATURED ARTICLE — August 28th, 2014

Gmail Adds Auto-Unsubscribe Feature

On August 6, Google’s Gmail announced a new feature: the auto-unsubscribe button. What is it? What does it mean for your brand’s marketing efforts? The potential implications are great; as such, it’s important that you become familiar with the feature and gain an understanding of how to adjust your marketing efforts accordingly.

Why the Focus on Unsubscribing?

Beginning in 2003 with the passage of the CAN-SPAM Act, which, among other regulations like not using false or misleading header information or deceptive subject lines, requires the senders of email marketing campaigns to clearly tell recipients how to opt-out of receiving future emails – return email addresses, opt-out buttons or otherwise – and to honor opt-out requests promptly, email marketers
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Technology News


What Your Competition Knows about Marketing Tech

You don’t know everything about marketing technology but, put together, your competition does. If you don’t actively seek out new things, you’re either going to stay behind the curve or eventually fail from sheer stubbornness. The savviest of business […]
Apple image — The Apple iPad.

Apple to Debut a 12.9-inch iPad

Maybe bigger really is better — when it comes to tablets, that is. Apple, it seems, agrees. The Cupertino company has plans to produce a 12.9-inch iPad by early next year, according to a report from Bloomberg. Sources told the publication that Apple […]
Verizon image

Verizon Will Roll Out VoLTE in Coming Months

As has been expected, Verizon announced Tuesday it will begin rolling out its Voice Over LTE later this year. Image courtesy of (adamr) / The company made it official when it issued a press release explaining Voice Over LTE – […]

SEO News

Photo Credit: … intense look …. a little scary! by Laura Pontiggia Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Google’s Pigeon Update: What’s Changed?

You know the drill: everything is humming along as usual on the Internet, and then one morning, your SEO rankings are all wacked out. After a little research, you discover yet another unannounced algorithm change from the world’s biggest search […]

How To Win At Local SEO Optimization Through Content

There are many ways content is beneficial today for Google rankings, but one fail-proof ranking opportunity can be found in original, well-written local keyword optimized landing pages. If someone was to search for “Atlanta bathroom plumbing,” […]

HTTPS Now a Google Ranking Factor

When Matt Cutts, Google webspam fighter extraordinaire, says something, SEOs best listen. Most of the time he’s offering hints at a policy the search engine will soon adopt, and so it is with Google’s latest change in ranking factor. On Aug. […]

Social Media News

Image courtesy of (jscreationzs)/

Social Media Users More Hesitant to Express Views Than Others: Study

Social media users are less likely to share their opinions on controversial topics, even when offline, than those who do not use such networks, a new survey by the Pew Research Center has found. Using Edward Snowden’s 2013 revelations about the National […]

Hyperlapse Introduced By Instagram

Those worried their videos may be too long and boring finally have an app. Instagram has launched Hyperlapse, an iPhone-only application enabling users to easily create time-lapse videos. The feature is a unique app outside the regular picture-sharing […]
Image courtesy of (jscreationzs)/

New Power Tools for Social Media Junkies

Social media has a bevy of naysayers, with much to complain about. Some gripe it’s too impersonal, too shallow, and too much of a time waster. The business side of the non-believers have always touted it’s not quantifiable, and doesn’t […]


Business & Marketing News


How to Manage an eCommerce Site and Keep Your Day Job

Managing an eCommerce site is a lot of work, especially to start up. So how can you do this effectively while keeping your day job? Setting up an eCommerce site is tough, but luckily there are themes and services available to make it easier, like inventory […]

Amazon Looking to Expand Advertising Revenue

There’s an advertising war brewing online. While Google currently leads the Web advertising market, Amazon is looking for a bigger slice of the pie. The Wall Street Journal reported Amazon is developing a system to replace ads that come mainly through […]
Google Logo

Google Merchant Center’s New Shipping Tool: Everything You Need to Know

Recently, negative feedback started accumulating for Google Merchant Center. That feedback centered around a lack of transparency in multiple areas, but, especially relating to shipping. To combat the issue, Google Merchant Center added a new shipping […]

Other News

Photo Credit: Responsive Web Design Process by Reinier Sierag Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Responsive vs. Adaptive — Which Option is More Advantageous?

Responsive and adaptive — these are the two choices when it comes to Web design. Contrary to the popular belief, the two concepts are quite different from each other. Businesses should be well-aware of the differences so they can choose between the […]

Google Snaps Up Special Effects Experts Zync Render

Google is adding video and special effects firm Zync Render to the fold as the technology titan looks to give a boost to its cloud service offerings. Zync, whose technology was used to create effects in movies such as Star Trek: Into Darkness, Transformers […]
Google image search was returning results like these Tuesday.

Google Image Search Bug Raises Hacking Concerns

No Google was not hacked. Google Image Search broke down Tuesday replacing normal search results with either pictures of a Russian car crash or images from a press conference with NBA star Kevin Durand. And although many feared Google had been compromised, […]

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