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FEATURED ARTICLE — May 6th, 2016

How to Use Instagram’s Featured Video Channels

“As people share more videos than ever before, we’re making it easier to discover the ones you’ll love.”

—  Instagram

Last year, Cisco predicted that video would account for a whopping 80 percent of all Internet traffic by 2019 and that in every second of 2019, nearly a million minutes of video would be uploaded to the internet. This prediction is currently coming to fruition as social platforms old and new are tripping over themselves to integrate video options. A plethora of new live streaming portals have been born. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube either have, or will have, their own live streaming options. Digital video is on the rise as time spent with the television decreases. All of these factors are contributing to proving Cisco right; and Instagram
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Hacker Hands Over 272M Stolen E-mail Credentials to Security Firm

More than 270 million user names and passwords for popular e-mail service providers were being traded in Russia’s criminal underworld, according to a report from Reuters. Hold Security founder Alex Holden told Reuters that while the majority of… Read More
Facebook facial recognition

Judge Gives Green Light to Facebook Photo Tagging Lawsuit

Facebook has lost in the first round in a legal battle over privacy. A San Francisco federal judge rebuffed the social network’s request to dismiss a lawsuit that accuses the firm of violating members’ privacy with its photo tagging tool. The tool,… Read More

Ford Sinks $182M Into Cloud Software Firm Pivotal

Ford is shelling out $182 million in seed funding for San Francisco cloud software firm Pivotal as the automotive company looks to bolster its own software capabilities. The size of Ford’s investment shows how much emphasis the company is placing on… Read More

Technology News

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How to Succeed Making First Steps in Partner Portal Development

Today, many companies rely on channel partnerships to deliver their products or services. As a partner network grows, it will take a dedicated partner portal to facilitate partner network management, boost a vendor’s sales and enhance communication… Read More
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10 Website Mistakes Local Business Owners Make

Business owners are champions when it comes to juggling various functions related to operational routines and longer-term tasks. Amid these pressures, it is easy to get lost in the grind and lose track of the big picture. Often, these little issues become… Read More
Netflix image

New Netflix Tool Lets You Control Streaming Quality, Data Usage

Netflix, as promised, has launched a tool enabling subscribers to control both the quality of the streaming and the amount of data they use on their mobile devices. Netflix image The entertainment streaming firm, back in March, promised to introduce a… Read More

SEO News


What is Your SEO Approach for 2016?

Google makes about 300 small changes to its algorithm every year, with about one or two major algorithm rollouts coming every year. As such, the Google you knew in 2015 will not be the same Google as the next few months come and go. SEO strategists within… Read More
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15 SEO Rules for Today’s Online Content Creator

If you want to succeed as a modern online content creator, it’s important to know a thing or two about good search engine optimization (SEO) practices. SEO is the process of optimizing a website or content so that search engines and people can locate… Read More
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AdWords Parameters for Gaining Superior Campaign Data

Google AdWords is one of the most prominent and pronounced advertising mediums available to marketers today. Companies spend millions of dollars to get their ads seen by the individuals who search Google more than 3.5 billion times per day. The potential… Read More

Social Media News


Twitter-Owned Periscope Testing Ability to Save Broadcasts Indefinitely

Periscope is stepping up its game to stay competitive with rival Facebook. The live streaming app is following in Facebook’s footsteps by testing a feature that enables its users to permanently save their broadcasts — a tool that is handy for brands… Read More

How to Use Visual Media to Boost Your Online and Offline Marketing Efforts

“Approximately 65 percent of the population are visual learners.” – Mind Tools, 1998 We are living in the age of visual marketing. People are keener to see and feel than to listen. Marketers are utilizing the power of visual marketing to drive… Read More
Twitter logo

10 Must-Use Tools for Twitter Marketers

Twitter is probably the most effective social media platform for digital marketers. This is because it is fast-paced, convenient and lets you connect with people even if they haven’t followed you, exponentially increasing your network and outreach.… Read More


Business & Marketing News

LinkedIn profile

How to Crush it With Lead Generation on LinkedIn Pulse

Blogging was promoted to be the promised land for entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers. Do you ever spend time crafting a brilliantly written article, posting it on your blog, only to hear the sound of crickets? So to boost the number of people… Read More

How Facebook Will Forever Transform Business

“If we’re trying to build a world-class News Feed, and a world-class messaging product, and a world-class search product, and a world-class ad system, and invent virtual reality, and build drones, I can’t write every line of code.”  – Mark… Read More

7 Indispensable Ways to Increase Your eCommerce Customer Base

As the eCommerce market grows and the digital age becomes an inseparable aspect of everyone’s lives, eCommerce retailers should ensure they meet the growing demands and expectations of customers. Customers want businesses to enhance their shopping experience… Read More

Other News

Google Slides

Hate Public Speaking? Google Slides Can Help

Public speaking is one of the most common fears around, but Google has a new tool to make it a little less intimidating. An update to Google Slides has added a feature that enables you to solicit questions from audience members. Dubbed Slides Q&A,… Read More
Windows 10

Windows 10 Hits 300 Million Users Across the Globe

Microsoft’s Windows 10 is enjoying high adoption rates as users take advantage of the free upgrade offer that is set to expire this summer. As of this month, 300 million active devices are running Windows 10 — an increase of 100 million since February… Read More
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9 Amazing Landing Page Design Tips to Boost Your Conversions

When it comes to creating a landing page, design is everything. There is no exact formula to design a perfect landing page but, there are some proven tips you can follow to design your page for maximum conversions. Most people wrongly believe that aesthetics… Read More


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Brinno TLC200 PRO; World’s FIRST Instant, High Dynamic Range, Time Lapse Video Camera

Palm City, FL., – Capture breathtaking High Dynamic Range (HDR), time lapse video in any light with the brinnoUSA Time Lapse Camera 200 Pro (TLC200 Pro). This upgrade from the classic TLC200 is the world’s FIRST HDR time lapse video camera. The… Read More
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Certain Launches EventStream, a Comprehensive Event App Suite for Marketing Automation Solutions

SAN FRANCISCO — In support of its recent Event Automation repositioning, Certain Inc, the leader in enterprise event solutions, announced today the launch of EventStream™, a revolutionary collection of apps that enable marketers to run all event-related… Read More
Veeqo and Skippr

Instagram Marketing Webinar With Veeqo and Skippr

Want to increase traffic and sales to your e-commerce site using Instagram? If so, join Veeqo and Skippr’s Webinar this Friday as they discuss everything you need to know about Instagram Marketing. Instagram is massively underutilized by retailers and… Read More

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