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FEATURED ARTICLE — March 24th, 2017

Voice Search: The Next Evolution in SEO

“The future of SEO is here: understanding and marketing to specific and defined audiences through search engines.”

– Adam Audette, senior vice-president of organic search at Merkle

This statement may have been true at one time, but in today’s world, the future of SEO is still coming — and it’s coming fast.

Google, Siri, and Cortana are currently in the midst of permanently altering the way people search online.

As these voice activated personal assistants continue to proliferate digital technology and people’s daily lives, folks are realizing that searching in this manner is faster and easier than typing in queries; especially on mobile devices.

One year ago, Google engineer Behshad Behzadi gave a keynote speech at SMX West indicating that voice
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Facebook Live

Facebook Live Now Available for Desktop Users Worldwide

Facebook Live is now live to all users around the globe — even those on laptops and desktops. The popular platform, which officially launched more than a year ago to all mobile users, enables users to broadcast live before an audience. “While… Read More
Sen. Jeff Flake, (R-Az.)

U.S. Senate Votes to Let Internet Service Providers Share Customer Data

The U.S. Senate on Thursday voted to repeal broadband privacy rules enacted last fall by the Federal Communications Commission. Sen. Jeff Flake, (R-Az.) introduced the Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to repeal the rules that would have… Read More
Instagram two-factor authentication

Instagram Finally Offering Two-Factor Authentication

Instagram is upping user security with the option of two-factor authentication. The security feature, which has already been adopted by many technology and social media companies, has been a long time in coming for the popular Facebook-owned photo-sharing… Read More

Technology News


WikiLeaks’ Latest Data Dump Indicates CIA Was Hacking iPhones, Macs

WikiLeaks is at it again with another data dump, this time claiming the CIA has been hacking people’s iPhones since at least 2008, just one year after the Smartphone hit the market. The new release, dubbed Vault 7 ‘Dark Matter,’ also… Read More
Verizon image

Verizon, AT&T Yank Advertising From YouTube

AT&T and Verizon are the latest major companies — and the first in the U.S. — to pull their advertising from Google’s YouTube platform over concerns of being linked to extremist video content. AT&T has said it will remove ads from the… Read More

Apple Buys iOS Automation App Workflow

Apple has acquired award-winning iOS productivity app Workflow and is now offering it for free in its App Store. Although Apple never announces its acquisitions, the Cupertino tech firm today confirmed to Computerworld its acquisition of Workflow… Read More

SEO News

man with magnifying glass

Why You Should Forget about Traditional Keyword Research

The vast majority of online marketing campaigns start with a keyword research. It is simply natural — to know how to sell your product, service or content, you need to know how people look for it. How have SEO and marketing specialists done it over… Read More

How to Use Crawl Budget for SEO Optimization

Crawl Budget, works like every budget, that is, a balance of demand and supply, in terms of the number of URLs on your website that Googlebot decides to crawl. Let’s understand it better. What is Crawl Budget? When Google search engine bots ‘crawl’… Read More

How to Use Google Alerts Plus 12 Powerful Alternatives

How do you keep up-to-date with all the mentions of you and your brand or competitors? And how do you keep tabs on the latest trends in your industry or niche? It’s impossible to monitor everything when there is so much happening online. But fortunately,… Read More

Social Media News

LinkedIn Trending Storylines

LinkedIn Launches Trending Storylines for Better News Discovery

LinkedIn has found a new way to keep you on its site longer. The Microsoft-owned professional network has launched a new feature that displays curated news based on members’ interests and professions. Dubbed Trending Storylines, the interest-based… Read More
Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 12.40.33 PM

Twitter Bans 376,000 Pro-Terrorist Accounts in Six Months

Twitter is cracking down on the use of its platform for pro-terrorist propaganda. The microblogging site, in the latter half of 2016, suspended more than 376,000 terrorism-linked accounts, up from the 235,000 accounts it banned in the first six months… Read More
Social media

10 Social Media Tactics for Social Success

It’s 2017, and the time for social media success is now, but how do you set yourself up for a win? If you’re confused about how to succeed on social, you’re not alone. Lots of people aren’t quite sure where to start with this expansive and ever-changing… Read More


Business & Marketing News

business group

5 Tips for Better Sales and Marketing Presentations

In my experience, presentations are the moment of truth when working in sales and marketing. It’s the time where reps get to have extremely in-depth conversations with their prospect to understand their needs further and, ideally, bring them closer… Read More

Everything You Wanted To Know About Taxes in eCommerce (But Were Afraid To Ask)

Tax season is never a fun time for anyone. It’s especially nerve-wracking for eCommerce retailers, especially if it’s their first time dealing with the stress. As the old adage goes, the only things that are certain in life are death and taxes (and… Read More

The Top 7 Trends in Corporate Video Content

We live in a visual society and, increasingly, a video society. The corporate world knows this, and is leveraging video for uses other than just branding or marketing. Video is now often used to communicate important messages for moving people to action:… Read More

Other News

customer service

7 Secrets to Having Impeccable Relationships With Your Clients

Imagine this common scenario…You receive a phone call from a business you’re already dealing with. Let’s assume that it’s an Internet service provider: You: Hello… ISP: Hi, this is X ISP. Who am I speaking with, please? Wait, what? Aren’t… Read More
Huawei Mate 9

Alexa Now on Huawei Mate 9

Amazon’s Alexa has arrived for the Huawei Mate 9. Alexa is available to Mate 9 owners in the U.S. via an over-the-air update. It will soon be available via the Google Play Store as well. Using Amazon’s Smart assistant on the Mate 9 is far… Read More
Apple Clips app

Apple Unveils Social Video App Clips

Apple this week offered a sneak peak at its latest mobile video creation app offering iOS users a new way to share videos on social sites. The free app allows users to combine video clips, photos and music to create unique videos to share via the… Read More



Daptly a Voice and Gesture Controlled Smart Display That Doubles as a Mirror

Personal assistants are seeing increased adoption in all demographics. According to the 2017 Accenture Digital Consumer Survey, 46 percent of U.S. consumers are using voice-enabled digital assistants, and 70 percent of people aged 18-34 are either already… Read More

Sticky Password and ESET Team Up on a Password Management Solution

Sticky Password, a leading password management software provider and ESET, the global leader in proactive digital protection, announced their partnership today. Sticky Password technology will power the ESET Password Manager in the brand new premium line… Read More

iStaging Launches Comprehensive VR Platform

Real estate-focused AR/VR company iStaging has released a comprehensive mobile-first solution for real estate agents to showcase properties in virtual reality. The product suite features a user-friendly 360-degree VR camera app as well as a cloud platform… Read More

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