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FEATURED ARTICLE — August 24th, 2017

9 CTA Examples to Help Improve Your Conversions

Every website is created with one goal in mind and that is conversions.

If you have a website that is generating traffic then you are most concerned about getting lots and lots of conversions.

A user-friendly website that has appropriate CTAs helps drive more actions thereby leading to more sales.

CTA messages should be easy to understand and the button text should be compelling enough so that users click on it.

Here are nine of the best CTA examples to wake up your current call-to-action design:

1. Have a Combination of Contrasting Colors

More than 92 percent of buying decisions are influenced by visual factors. Hence, choice of color is probably the most important factor when it comes to CTA.

Button contrast matters the most, not the button color.

Adobe Creative Cloud has done an amazing job in creating CTA buttons that rest on a contrasting color background. The black background is making the blue CTA buttons come out clearly, thereby enticing people to click on them.

Here are some ideas based on contrasting color designs shared by Matt Ackerson on his blog:

Do not use white, grey or black for the CTA button.

Have a red CTA button if you are invoking urgency because it gives a stop-and-look-at-me vibe.

Green colored buttons persuade the user to take instant action.

Orange- and yellow-colored buttons are happy and inviting.

Read the color psychology guide to know more about the consumer behavior patterns.

Here is a color palette displaying the color preferences by gender. If your target audience is female then you need to attract them by using the colors that woman love the most. Similarly, if your target audience is male then use a CTA button color choice that men... Read More

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