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FEATURED ARTICLE — June 1st, 2016

Google Revives Meta Content with Longer Characters

Meta descriptions and title tags: they’re difficult, yet critically important aspects of SEO. Designed to provide readers and search engines with a preview of a page’s content, “metas” are simply too important to do badly. Luckily, Google just made these elusive little lines a bit more forgiving for SEOs everywhere by increasing the character limit for both meta descriptions and title tags. Read on to learn more.

The Inside Scoop on the Character Limit Increase

Earlier this month, Ross Hudgens of Siege Media reported that Google had increased its title and description character length. He broke the news via Twitter and the increase went on to be reported by leading SEO and content marketing outlets like The SEM Post and Search Engine Journal. While the character limit
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Myspace, Tumblr Victims of Hacker

The hack of social media accounts continues this week as Tumblr usernames and passwords goes up for sale on a Tor dark market website called TheRealDeal. A Tumblr security note indicated attackers had obtained user e-mail addresses as well as salted… Read More
EU flag

Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, YouTube Take Hard Line on Hate Speech in EU

A handful of American tech companies have signed on to battle hate speech in Europe. Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube are supporting a new code of conduct drafted by the European Union to help curb the spread of online abuse via social media.… Read More
Sony Xperia E5 camera

Sony Announces Xperia E5 With Two-Day Battery

Sony has debuted a new phone for the budget-conscious: the Xperia E5. The Sony Xperia E5. The Xperia E5 boasts up to two days of battery life per charge and runs Android Marshmallow. “Forget about slow connections, or a Smartphone that runs out of steam… Read More

Technology News

iPhone 6

Apple Accused of Breaching Caltech Wi-Fi Patents

Apple has been slapped with a lawsuit for supposedly violating four California Institute of Technology (Caltech) patents. The university has also filed suit with the U.S. District Court for Central California against Broadcom, one of Apple’s Wi-Fi chip… Read More

Iran Gives Social Sites, Messaging Apps 1 Year to Store Data Locally

Iran is cracking down on foreign social media sites and messaging apps, demanding all data and activity records of Iranian users be stored on servers within its borders. The Iranian government is giving companies like Telegram one year to comply with… Read More
Complete ZenFone 3 Family

Asus Unveils New Series of Zenfone 3 Smartphones

Asus is trying to give the iPhone a run for its money with its latest flagship phone that sports an aluminum alloy unibody with no visible antenna lines — something no other mobilephone maker has been able to achieve. The Zenfone 3 Deluxe is part of… Read More

SEO News


Is SEO Dead? Not Even Close: Here’s Why

“SEO is no longer just a job title, it has become part of everyone’s job description.” – Rand Fishkin You’ve heard it touted a million times before; SEO is dead. But how can these sorts of headlines be justified in any sort of manner when SEO… Read More

Bing Testing Tweets in SERPs

Some say Google is God. Others say Google is Satan. But if they think Google is too powerful, remember that with search engines, unlike other companies, all it takes is a single click to go to another search engine. – Sergey Brin, Google co-founder A… Read More
writing in note pad

A Beginner’s Guide to SEO Writing

For people who are brand new to online marketing, the term SEO might seem mystical and hyper-advanced. Unlike many things in the marketing world, however, SEO writing in itself is actually quite simple. In addition to being simple, it’s used across… Read More

Social Media News


5 Instagram Blunders Businesses Are Making

With more than 300 million active users in a month, Instagram is turning out to be a remarkable source of marketing for all types of businesses. If you are running ad campaigns on Facebook and Twitter all the while ignoring the marketing potential of… Read More

How to Schedule Instagram and Pinterest Posts

Social media is great, isn’t it? And scheduling social posts is so much better, especially when you’re insanely busy. You can schedule all of your Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn posts with various tools, but what about the latest social channels… Read More

Facebook Ads Will Now Target Non-Members on Third-Party Sites

Facebook wants to dominate advertising on the Internet. The social network has revealed it will begin showing ads to non-members across the Web. Until now, only Facebook users could see advertising from the social network on third-party websites or apps… Read More


Business & Marketing News

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Selling Your eCommerce Business: Step-by-Step

Selling your eCommerce business can be a daunting task, but thankfully, the process is pretty straightforward. Most sales follow the same pattern, more or less. This article explores that general pattern, and offers helpful information for every step… Read More
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10 KPIS for eCommerce Business Owners

Running an eCommerce business can be a very stressful experience. Juggling multiple sales channels, product sourcing, supplier issues, marketing and customer enquiries is a time consuming process. Therefore, finding time to sit back and see the bigger… Read More
Photo Credit: Adikos via flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Mangled Phrases: Fox Paws Aren’t a Mute Point in a Doggie-Dog World

Idioms and foreign-language phrases can add color to your speech and writing and help you present a professional, knowledgeable image. Unfortunately, many people misunderstand or misuse those phrases, unwittingly undermining their efforts to impress. It… Read More

Other News

Asus Zenbo

Asus Reveals $599 Home Robot at Computex 2016

Asus today at Computex 2016 unveiled a Smart home companion to help seniors live more safely and independently. Dubbed Zenbo, the robot can move independently and understand spoken commands, with a particular focus on safeguarding the health and well-being… Read More
network IOT

What Does the Internet of Things Mean for Small Business?

By now, you’ve probably heard about the Internet of Things. What you may not have heard about is its value to small businesses. Maybe it’s time you learned. The Internet of Things is changing business as we know it, bringing about a fundamental shift… Read More

The Best Proofreading Tools for Bloggers

Writing articles without mistakes is a pretty tough assignment because the writer has to possess sufficient knowledge of grammar, punctuation and word selection to be able to write an excellent piece. It is also necessary to have knowledge of your topic… Read More


Bittium and Air-Lynx

Bittium, Air-Lynx Launch World’s First Public Safety LTE Evolved Multi-Media Broadcast Multicast Solution

Oulu, Finland, May 31, 2016 – Bittium and Air-Lynx launch world’s first public safety LTE evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Solution (eMBMS) at the Critical Communications World exhibition in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The eMBMS solution enables… Read More
WP Engine

WP Engine Sees Performance Intelligence Opportunity for Websites

AUSTIN, Texas — WP Engine, a company that powers amazing digital experiences for websites and applications built on WordPress, today announced the introduction of Page Performance, which will focus on delivering actionable insights for websites across… Read More

GoDaddy Launches Professional Web Services in Canada

TORONTO, Ont. — GoDaddy Inc. (NYSE: GDDY) the world’s largest technology provider dedicated to small businesses, launched its Professional Web Services (PWS) in Canada today. GoDaddy’s PWS products include Website Services, Search Engine Optimization… Read More

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