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FEATURED ARTICLE — September 28th, 2016

How Twitter’s New Character Limit Affects You

For virtually as long as Twitter has been around, its devotees have been doomed to express everything that’s on their minds in 140-characters or less.

While this is one of the things so many people love about Twitter – its expediency and brevity – it’s also been a massive source of frustration for many users, enough that some people have migrated away from the platform for social sites that allow long-form content.

We recently received some big news that’s going to change the way you use Twitter forever: the 140-character limit is dead.

Kind of.

I know, I know: there’s been some rumbling about whether this was going to happen for months now but, on Sept. 19, Twitter officially announced that it would no longer count videos, polls, quoted tweets, or
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Facebook at Work Commercial Launch Set for This Fall

After nearly two years in the making, Facebook will launch its professional network and communications platform this fall, but it will come with a fee, according to a report from The Information. The service, which is to launch next month, will have a… Read More

Google Sets its Sights on India, Launching 5 New Products

The number of Internet users in India is growing by the hour and Google plans to be there to help them circumvent barriers like low-powered phones, 2G connections and almost non-existent data. Google today announced five new Google products created… Read More
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Germany Orders Facebook to Cease WhatsApp User Data Collection

Facebook has been ordered to halt the collection of all WhatsApp data from its German users, effective immediately. Germany’s Data Protection and Freedom of Information commission has also ordered Facebook to immediately delete all data that… Read More

Technology News

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Senator Calls for SEC Probe Into Colossal Yahoo Hack

A U.S. senator is calling on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to investigate the massive breach of Yahoo’s systems resulting in the data of more than 500 million people being compromised. Sen. Mark Warner Yahoo announced last week… Read More

Google Self-Driving Car in Serious Crash After Another Car Runs Red Light

Google has confirmed one of its self-driving vehicles was in a serious no-fault crash late last week. A Google autonomous vehicle was driving in Mountain View when a car ran a red light and slammed into the right side of the Google-modified Lexus. No… Read More

Snapchat Unveils Spectacles — Sunglasses With a Camera

Snapchat, now officially known as Snap, is entering the hardware market with some wearable tech of its own. Dubbed Spectacles, the device is, essentially, sunglasses with a built-in video camera capable of capturing and creating “Memories.” “We’ve… Read More

SEO News

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What’s More Important for Blog Promotion: SEO or Social Media?

By this point, everyone in marketing knows and understands the sheer power that an effective content marketing strategy can have. If you develop a blog that serves a specific niche that people actually want to read, you can use it as a gateway to earning… Read More

What It Means to Market Successfully in the Online Age

Marketing has definitely evolved. The Internet and everyone’s immediate access to it from nearly anywhere has transformed how advertising works in the modern age. Not learning how to change your marketing to adjust with the times may mean customers… Read More
SEO Targeting

4 Mighty SEO Tools Built for Small Businesses

“Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.” – Jill Whalen, Former SEO Consultant and Founder of High Rankings Search engine optimization is a necessity… Read More

Social Media News


7 Essential Productivity Tools for Content Marketers

Content marketing is a complex activity that includes a lot of processes and tasks. Performing them could be a challenge for many because raising awareness about your brand can be an overwhelming and time-consuming activity. Fortunately, there are a lot… Read More

If You’re Not Using Pinterest to Build Your Personal Brand, You’re Not Doing It Right

When someone says Pinterest, a digital array of crafts, clothes, and cooking comes to mind. But while Pinterest has certainly carved a significant niche in the eCommerce world, its personal branding capabilities are not to be outshined. Your personal… Read More
Business Woman

How Do You Recognize Influencers?

Some people may be more aware of influencers in their niche or industry than others. However, it is important to understand that influencers are a very important part of your professional success. It takes a great deal of work to reach influencer status… Read More


Business & Marketing News


Is Amazon Mobile Ruining Your Conversion Rate?

Here’s a statistic you might find shocking. Tech Crunch, Internet Retailer, Fortune, Marketing Land, Time and many others have reported that between 60 percent – 70 percent of Amazon’s holiday shoppers this past season used mobile devices. That’s… Read More

Top 5 Ways in Which You Can use your Personal Loan Wisely

People prefer to stay far away from bank loans in order to avoid financial liability. But sometimes, in case of an emergency, necessity pushes us to use the credit options. A personal loan buys you some time to rework and manage your monthly expenses.… Read More
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4 Reasons Small Businesses Should Migrate to the Cloud

Small business owners know they should be doing something to promote their business online, but what exactly that thing is sometimes seems vague and unclear. Or worse: arbitrary, a waste of time, lame. And it’s true, when you take a cursory look at… Read More

Other News


Amazon Defends Its Pricing Algorithm, But Leaves Out Billions in Sales

By Eric Umansky, ProPublica Last week, we reported how Amazon often makes its products look like better deals than they actually are. When the website ranks products by price that are available from Amazon and other sellers, the company excludes the… Read More
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4 Effective Ways to Spend Your Ad Budget (Part 2)

“Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them, and sometimes it’s an ad.” – Howard Luck Gossage, advertising innovator during the “Mad Men” era Each and every year, brands sink millions upon millions of dollars into advertising… Read More

Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, Verizon Interested in Buying Twitter: Reports

A handful of tech companies are reportedly lining up to buy Twitter. According to various media reports, Google, Microsoft, Verizon and Salesforce, have all expressed interest in buying Twitter. CNBC and TechCrunch are reporting a number of the companies… Read More



Oxford Dictionary Apps Arrive for iOS

Another school year has begun and you’re struggling to get back into academic mode. Thankfully your iOS device is by your side and is there to help. If you’re at a loss for words on your next project or if you have a language class on your… Read More
Paragon Software

New Paragon Backup & Recovery 16 Makes PC Data Protection Easy, Effortless and Free — For a Limited Time

FREIBURG, Germany – Paragon Software Group today announced the release of Paragon Backup & Recovery 16, a key backup and recovery tool for Windows PC users who want to spend minimal time and effort managing backup tasks. Paragon Backup & Recovery… Read More

iStaging Raises $5M Pre-Series A Funding

Taipei, Taiwan — iStaging Corp., a leading augmented and virtual reality technology provider, today announced that it has secured US$5 million in pre-Series A funding. The funding round was led by VC firm, WI Harper. Also participating in this round… Read More

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