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FEATURED ARTICLE — May 3rd, 2016

How to Write Engaging Titles and Descriptions For Your eCommerce Products

Those who run eCommerce stores know that developing a successful business online is largely dependent upon how good you can make your product descriptions and titles.

eCommerce relies heavily upon a business’s ability attract customers through vivid descriptions, discussion of practical applications and great customer reviews.

Fortunately, it’s easy to write magnetic product descriptions effective titles for your eCommerce products simply by placing yourself in the buyer’s shoes.

Read on to learn more.

What Buyers Want: It’s About the eCommerce Experience You Give Them

When shopping online, buyers want to know that they are getting a quality product that will suit their needs. Because buyers can’t generally touch the item, try it on for size or take
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Shareholder Sues Facebook Over Proposed Class C Stock Plan

Facebook has been slapped with a lawsuit over its proposal to create a new class of stock that will keep CEO Mark Zuckerberg in control of the social network indefinitely. A Facebook shareholder who called the proposed move “unfair,” has filed a lawsuit… Read More

Australian Tech Entrepreneur Says He is the Creator of Bitcoin

It looks like the mystery of who created Bitcoin may finally be solved. Australian computer scientist and entrepreneur Craig Wright has reluctantly admitted to being the creator of the digital currency, although he has acknowledged there are a lot of… Read More

Cortana on Windows 10 Now Limited to Bing and Edge

Microsoft image Microsoft is changing up the way users will be able to utilize its digital assistant. The software firm will no longer allow third-party searches through Cortana. Now, all searches are powered exclusively by Bing and links automatically… Read More

Technology News


FCC Sets Mobile Broadband Auction for May 31

The Federal Communications Commission has finally convinced enough U.S. television stations to give up some of their spectrum so the agency can sell it. That means the date of the FCC’s long-awaited mobile broadband auction has also been set — for… Read More

‘Contains Ads’ Designator Shows Up in Google Play

Google Play is now serving up a warning to users when an app includes advertising. Apps that this applies to will now be identified in the Google Play store with a ‘contains ads’ designator. An example of the new ‘Contains Ads’ designator. The… Read More
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Yahoo Hands Starboard Four Seats on Board of Directors

Yahoo has forged a deal with its biggest critic and largest investor. The tech firm has handed activist investor Starboard Value LP four seats on its board of directors, ending an 18-month feud with the New York hedge fund firm. According to the New York… Read More

SEO News

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Why Do Giant Companies Step on Consumers: 10 Common Mistakes Made

Have you ever wondered why big companies make crazy marketing moves that annoy their target market? Why do they act like giants walking through a garden accidently stepping on ants (the consumers) when they know their target market lives there in… Read More

What is Your SEO Approach for 2016?

Google makes about 300 small changes to its algorithm every year, with about one or two major algorithm rollouts coming every year. As such, the Google you knew in 2015 will not be the same Google as the next few months come and go. SEO strategists within… Read More
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15 SEO Rules for Today’s Online Content Creator

If you want to succeed as a modern online content creator, it’s important to know a thing or two about good search engine optimization (SEO) practices. SEO is the process of optimizing a website or content so that search engines and people can locate… Read More

Social Media News

25 Highest Paying Jobs in America for 2016

25 Highest Paying Jobs in America for 2016

Infographic Courtesy of: … Read More
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3 Reasons to Consider LinkedIn Advertising for Your B2B Business

Navigating social media is a challenge for B2B brands whose content may not lend itself to being the next viral sensation. The creation of whitepapers, guides and video tutorials may produce useful content for your target customers, but the time and financial… Read More
Facebook live video

How to Capitalize on Facebook Live for Groups

Live streaming video is truly what is hot right now in digital media. Although the technology has existed for several years now, the modality has only recently exploded onto the scene with major audience approval. Since live streaming entered mass consciousness… Read More


Business & Marketing News

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How Long Is Long Enough?

When it comes to the optimal length of copy for websites, e-mails, ads, letters, and brochures, it seems that every businessperson is an expert. The problem is that what most people view as expertise is actually just personal preference or learned prejudice. The… Read More

10 Ways to Get Your Subscribers to Open and Read Your E-Mail

Building an e-mail list is very important to your online business.  According to statistics, e-mail is 40 times more successful at getting your business new clients than either Facebook or Twitter. E-mail is a powerful marketing method but getting subscribers… Read More

6 Facts About the Human Brain: How to Leverage it for Marketing Success

The first step to getting the right message across to your audience is by knowing how their brain processes information. The human brain is highly complex but, with a little understanding, you can learn to leverage its most basic workings to send out… Read More

Other News

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Snapchat Users Viewing 10 Billion Videos a Day: Report

Snapchat users are consuming an enormous amount of video content on a daily basis. According to a report from Bloomberg, users of the photo- and video-messaging app view 10 billion videos a day, a significant rise from just a few months ago when it was… Read More
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LinkedIn Shares Jump After Surprisingly Impressive 1Q Results

LinkedIn pleased its investors Thursday evening with better-than-expected first quarter results. The professional social networking firm posted a 35 percent revenue increase year-over-year to $861 million and adjusted earnings per share of 74 cents —… Read More
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9 Alternative Stores to Sell Your Mobile Apps

Do you know how many apps are in the Android app store? More than 16.5 million and that total continues to increase at lightning speed. The easiest and most common route to selling your apps is to pay $25 to get listed on world’s largest app store:… Read More


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Certain Launches EventStream, a Comprehensive Event App Suite for Marketing Automation Solutions

SAN FRANCISCO — In support of its recent Event Automation repositioning, Certain Inc, the leader in enterprise event solutions, announced today the launch of EventStream™, a revolutionary collection of apps that enable marketers to run all event-related… Read More
Veeqo and Skippr

Instagram Marketing Webinar With Veeqo and Skippr

Want to increase traffic and sales to your e-commerce site using Instagram? If so, join Veeqo and Skippr’s Webinar this Friday as they discuss everything you need to know about Instagram Marketing. Instagram is massively underutilized by retailers and… Read More

Introducing BIG-i, the World’s Most Versatile Personal Robot

NEW YORK — Advances in technology have come a long way in making consumers’ lives easier, but the idea of a personal robot for the home has always been relegated to Sci-Fi … until now. BIG-i, the world’s smartest, fully interactive personal… Read More

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