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FEATURED ARTICLE — October 30th, 2014

How to Choose Social Media Friendly Blog Topics

When you write a blog post, one of your main goals should be to make it interesting enough that people want to share the information with their friends and colleagues. The way they do it, of course, is on social media. And so one of the things you should be thinking about when you write for your blog is whether your topic is eminently shareable.

This does not mean stalking Google Trends and tossing the words “Kim Kardashian” into every post just to pick up the extra traffic.

What it means is giving real thought to what you are writing about, and not just how you write it, i.e. what keywords you choose, what headline you put on it, and all those other effective SEO tricks.

Why This Is Important

Duh, we all know social media is important. But here are some
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Technology News


Four Reasons Why Tablets are Moving into Classrooms

Anybody with experience in a modern classroom has probably observed the wrath of a teacher when confronted with mobile phone usage. The average student’s tendency to stare at their device and carry on text conversations during lectures has led to a […]
Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 4.15.06 PM

Ebola Crisis: Digital Disease Detection Systems Join the Fight

When the World Health Organization announced news of a rapidly evolving Ebola outbreak in Guinea, West Africa in March, an online tool run by experts in Boston had already flagged the disease nine days earlier. The openly available tool, dubbed HealthMap, […]
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Security Firms Partner to Stop Axiom Hacker Group

A team of security experts has foiled the activities of a sophisticated group of hackers linked to China that has counted government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, journalists, environmental groups and academic institutions as its victims. Dubbed the […]

SEO News


The Missing Ingredient in SEO Writing

SEO writing is a specialized type of writing, where the author tries to develop content that will catch the eye of Google and result in a Web page being listed in Google’s search results. Most writers who engage in this type of writing focus on […]
Google Page Rank

How Google Manually Rates Your Website

Over the years, Google has made reference to its stable of human raters used to determine the quality of sites, helping to improve the algorithms used for search. Those raters use the “Human Rater Handbook” to check for a wide variety of things […]

Can Dirty Tricks Deep Six Your Business?

It was in the not too distant past that search engines began cracking down on back-hat SEO Techniques. Tactics such as keyword stuffing, serial websites, and link farms, just to name a few, were deemed verboten by every search engine on the planet. The […]

Social Media News

Photo by Brian Solis —
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg giving his F8 Keynote.

Facebook Has Strong 3Q, but Investors Not Happy With Spending Plans

User growth and blockbuster profits were not enough to make Facebook’s investors happy Tuesday. Despite posting $3.2 billion in revenue in its third quarter — a hefty 59 percent increase over the same period last year — and a 14 percent increase […]
By Bizking2u (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Can Crowdfunding Kickstart Your Business?

Use of crowdfunding sites is an increasingly popular way to kickstart new businesses or take existing businesses to the next level. With a proliferation of crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, RocketHub and more, these sites have given a […]

Facebook Hoping to Convince Publishers to Let Social Network Host Their Content

Facebook wants to team up with publishers to get more quality content on the social network. As part of the deal, publishers would post content directly to the Facebook’s mobile app and revenue made off the posts would be split with the publishers. “We […]


Business & Marketing News


The Hidden Cost of Free: Five Ways Free, Low-Cost Website Templates Kill Your Business

As a new business owner, it can be tempting to want to save a few bucks by setting up your website using free or low-cost website template services. While it’s true, you may be able to get up and running in a few minutes, there are some hidden costs […]

FTC Files Complaint Against AT&T

It appears AT&T needs a good lawyer. And, perhaps, a dictionary. The telecommunications company has found itself in hot water with the Federal Trade Commission which is accusing AT&T of “throttling” customers’ connections. Throttling […]
social network

Social Selling — Love It or Hate It, You Gotta LIKE It

Every time you view a post on social media, you probably contemplate if you should click the Like button or ignore it and move on to the next. You may also have wondered what the fuss is all about. Is there really a benefit to liking a page or a post? […]

Other News

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Celebrate Cyber Security Month With a New Password

One of my credit cards sends me an “Oops, looks like your account was compromised” letter and a new card about every six to eight weeks. I know that I’m not alone. From Target and Home Depot, to Apple’s iCloud, Google and DropBox, it seems there’s […]
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Russian Group Believed Behind Organized Spy Operations

A lengthy report issued by Internet security firm FireEye points a damning finger at a Russian group allegedly involved in cyber-spying for the past six years. The group, referred to by the company as APT28, is believed to have been active for a number […]
Apple Pay

Apple, Alibaba Consider Partnering on Mobile Payments

Could Apple and Alibaba be teaming up in the future? Possibly. Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma, at the Wall Street Journal Live technology conference today, said he is “very interested” in talking to Apple about a partnership between Alipay, the payment […]

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