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FEATURED ARTICLE — October 1st, 2014

URL 101: Structuring Links for Maximum SEO Impact

When you’re diving into a new site design, or a full-scale redesign, URL structure should be one of the first considerations. Many developers will tell you that search engines can crawl any URL structure, and that the naming formats therefore don’t matter much. That is unequivocally not the case. SEO is all about landing stellar rankings for your main keywords, and of course the all-mighty ROI. And URLs play a major role.

So how do you decide what your URLs should look like with both development and SEO principles in mind? The good news is the process is far more simplistic than you may fear. Follow these basic guidelines, and you’ll determine the perfect URL structure for your business.

The Conflict of Development vs. SEO Needs

Because business owners
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Technology News

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Beware of Rental Phishing Schemes

When traveling with the whole family, I prefer to rent homes, condos or apartments over staying at a hotel. I find that having a kitchen and the extra space makes a big difference to our family’s comfort, and the price per night is often comparable […]

Oracle Unveils New Protective, Cloud Products

The loss of data is being, well, lost thanks to the general availability of Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance. The company’s executive chairman and chief technology officer, Larry Ellison, announced Monday Oracle is rolling out the world’s […]
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Number Database Contract Prompts Security Concerns

A multi-million dollar contract has some security agencies in the United States concerned over their ability to perform wiretaps and surveillance operations. Since 1997, a database containing all the cellular phone numbers in the country has been maintained […]

SEO News

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Google’s Shift to Semantic Search & Its Impact on SEO

From the fledging beginnings of SEO, it has almost always been all about keywords. Back in the VHS days… we pushed keyword density over content quality because that’s what it took to rank. It was a world of quantity over quality, and it didn’t […]

15 Reasons Your SEO Content Needs an Editor

The phrase “content is King” has been tossed around cyber-space everywhere lately. Not that I would detract from the good of doing so, but everybody and their Uncle have contributed their two cents about how to brainstorm, develop, create, and publish […]

Google’s Move Away from Keywords

Everyone says it, everywhere, all the time: “Content is king.” For marketers, the pressure of conveying the appeal and meaning of content has rested on the mighty shoulders of keywords for a decade or more. Keywords became popular because […]

Social Media News


Snap Up Some Marketing Success

Do you use Snapchat to help market your small business? If the answer is no, what are you missing out on? If the answer is yes, what can you teach other businesses about the pros of marketing via this social tool? Snap Up Some Marketing Success When you […]

Ello — the Anti-Facebook — Hit With DDoS Attack

Ello, the new social network that prides itself on being the anti-Facebook, was hit with a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack that knocked the site offline for 45 minutes Sunday afternoon. Ello members were locked out of the site while the social […]

New Facebook Ad Service to Track Users Across the Web

Facebook new online advertising service will have more reach than originally thought. Dubbed Atlas, the new system, will enable marketers to better target and measure the impact of their ads not only on the social network, but anywhere the service can […]


Business & Marketing News


Most B2B Marketing Videos Don’t Support the Buyer’s Journey

Most B2B marketing videos do not support the buyer’s journey because they are product-centric. They accompany product introductions, reside on product pages and are featured in product promotions. Most B2B videos are designed for the “awareness” […]

What To Do Before You Start Any Publication

Whether you’re trying to demonstrate your expertise to customers and prospects, or just wanting your employees to speak with a common voice about your vision, regular publications can be a powerful tool. E-mail can be a powerful channel for publications, […]

Why You Should Start Your Christmas Campaign Right Now (Really)

Every year the Christmas decorations seem to sneak into stores a couple of weeks earlier. A decade ago, people grumbled when the decorations came out in early November. No joke, this year I saw a Christmas display at my local grocery store in early August. […]

Other News

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Five Google Analytics Tips for WordPress Blogs

Google Analytics is one of the most well conceived and useful ways to track data on how your website is working. Part of the problem is that some people simply don’t know how to use it, especially when it comes to WordPress blogs. Fortunately, there […]
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California Governor Signs Bill to Protect Temp Workers

By Michael Grabell, ProPublica California Gov. Jerry Brown on Sunday signed into law a bill holding the state’s employers legally responsible for wage and safety violations committed by their subcontractors and temp agencies. With the new law, California […]

Cisco Comits $1B to Expand Global Cloud Computing Network

Cisco Systems has earmarked $1 billion to expand its cloud strategy over the next two years, linking hundreds of data centers and cloud providers worldwide with more than 30 new Intercloud partners, the company announced today. The move, part of the company’s […]

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