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FEATURED ARTICLE — August 31st, 2015

How to Syndicate Your Content the Right Way

For blog owners, syndication is double-edged sword. On one hand, it is an effective way to re-use existing blog material.

On the other, it’s a scary tactic that, if used improperly, may bring about the wrath of the Google Gods or the Big Panda.

In the end, both of these viewpoints hold some truth.

The fact remains, however, that syndication is a valuable tool in a blogger’s tool belt. The secret is simply learning to do it well.

What is Syndication?

Syndication is the process of publishing one blog in multiple places. It looks an awful lot like duplicate content except for the fact that bloggers who utilize syndication also utilize certain precautionary measures that protect them from getting dinged by search engines.

For example, good syndicated
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Technology News


Magni Cable Allows Charging, Data Transfers

Sometimes all it takes is not having the right tool to bring a job to a dead halt. An Australian company knows this and has created a simple, small device to ensure there’s no roadblocks when it comes to charging devices. The product is currently […]

Sprint Offers Free Wireless for One Year to Lure DirecTV Customers Away From AT&T

Sprint is kicking its marketing into high gear with its latest offer: free wireless service for one full year for DirecTV customers when they switch to Sprint. Beginning today and running through Sept. 30, the offer includes unlimited voice calls, text […]
Photo Credit: Ed Yourdon via flickr

E-Mail So Addicting, We Even Check Messages While Using the Bathroom

We live in an e-mail obsessed society. In fact, we have become so concerned with staying on top of our messages, that many of us — 42 percent — check our e-mails while using the bathroom, a newly-released study from Adobe has found. Adobe image Not […]

SEO News


7 Ways to Protect Your Site From Google Panda

Back in February of 2011, Google unleashed a sweeping change to their search results ranking algorithm known as Panda, all in hopes of downranking “junk” and “copy-pasted” websites while boosting the visibility of better, more […]
SEO Targeting

Why DIY SEO Is a Better Choice than Hiring an SEO Company

There are millions of websites on the World Wide Web and every business owner hopes that his site will be able to lure potential customers. The truth is, the chance of success in the virtual world is bleak unless you know search engine optimization techniques. […]

Searchmetrics Search Ranking Factors 2015: What You Need to Know

Few industries change as regularly as marketing. We’re kept on our toes constantly by audiences, technology and search engines, among so many other outside factors. To continue being successful, we have to keep up. That’s why the release of the latest […]

Social Media News

Image courtesy of (Stuart Miles)/

The Imminent Rise of Social Commerce

It’s no secret that social media has become an essential marketing tool for just about every business on the planet. Having a strong social media presence that allows your company to build direct and responsive relationships with consumers is now de […]

Create A Killer Marketing Strategy In One Page

Let’s be honest: if you’re a business owner and you don’t have a marketing plan, you’re basically flying blind with your marketing efforts. Quite often, this results in businesses that: Waste a lot of time and money on marketing efforts that […]
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the office.

Facebook Sets New Record: One Billion Active Users in 24 Hours

Facebook has reached a milestone sure to be the envy of other social media platforms: more than one billion active users within a 24-hour period. CEO Mark Zuckerberg took to his Facebook wall to brag about the new record set earlier this week. “On Monday, […]


Business & Marketing News


How to Get Started With Pinterest Promoted Pins

  Of all the new social media channels out there, Pinterest has certainly grown into one of the most important ones for business marketing. Its visually-charged platform makes the most of what today’s user looks for in a social network and […]

Google’s Evolution into Alphabet: What the Future Holds

On Aug. 10, Google rocked tech communities all across the world with its aptly titled G is for Google. In the post it was announced that the search giant would be folded into a larger conglomerate company known as Alphabet. Google co-founder, Larry Page, […]

Mixing the Perfect Sales Cocktail

Sales can be complicated. Whether you’re a career sales professional or just starting your first sales job, being a good salesperson can be frustrating and complex. Different factors contribute to sales complexity: Being able to find the right lucrative […]

Other News

Ashley Madison

Avid Life Media CEO Resigns in Wake of Ashley Madison Hack

Avid Life Media CEO Noel Biderman has resigned in the wake of the massive hack of the company’s cheating site Ashley Madison. The company made the announcement this morning. “This change is in the best interest of the company and allows us to […]

Vine Gets Musical in Latest Update

Vine’s latest update will be music to your ears — literally. The six-second video service today launched an update, dubbed Snap to Beat, to enable you to discover and create with music on Vine. “Today marks the beginning of our commitment to strengthening […]
iPhone 6

Apple Sends Out Invites for Sept. 9 Press Event

Just like last year, Apple has set its much-anticipated fall line-up launch for Sept. 9. The company sent invitations to the media Thursday for the much-anticipated press event at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. Apple, as usual, is […]

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