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FEATURED ARTICLE — May 29th, 2015

Four Content Optimization Skills You Need to Use

If you have ever advanced to a high level of a sport or hobby, you might find yourself in an interesting predicament. You go to learn a new trick or skill, and you just can’t seem to get it. You question why it isn’t working for you as you get more and more frustrated. Everything else had come so easy, so why not this?

If you meet with a coach under these circumstances, then you might get some very specific advice. Step back, take a rest, and go back to the basics. It’s the basics that are easy to forget when you’ve advanced to the big league, but yet they are the basis of every higher skill you will ever learn.

Let’s compare that to Internet marketing. After several years in the game, by this point you might consider yourself a content expert. Yet, somehow your efforts
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Technology News

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What the Tech Landscape Will Look Like in 2019

We are in an era where technological advances are happening at an exponential rate. According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index Forecast, in just four years you can expect to see the number of mobile devices skyrocket, non-PC devices to reign supreme, […]

Google Expanding Chromecast’s Abilities

Google is hoping to Cast an even longer shadow with its popular Chromecast feature enabling developers to add a range of features. During Thursday’s I/O developer’s conference Google announced it will make it easier for developers to bring […]
Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail Now Available to All Without Invitation

Inbox for Gmail is now available to all. The e-mail service, which launched last fall, enables users to keep their messages organized by better categorizing e-mails and displaying important information such as flight itineraries, event information, and […]

SEO News


Four Myths and Misconceptions About Search Engines: What Should You Avoid?

As search engines become more sophisticated, a number of misconceptions have emerged about how they operate. As such, implementing an effective SEO strategy becomes cumbersome, especially to those brands that are not familiar with SEO best practices. […]
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Beating the Google Sandbox — Ranking a New Domain in Under a Month

The Google Sandbox is often referred to as 3 – 6 month waiting period your new domain has to endure before experiencing any significant ranking improvement. Ever since Google started ‘penalizing new domains, webmasters have had an increasingly […]

How to Develop Click-Worthy SEO Boosting Content

Virtually anybody who has spent a decent amount of time learning about SEO and the related tactics knows that the game is constantly morphing. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is that quality content is a must. In fact, unique and relevant […]

Social Media News

One of Banana Republic's catalogs can be seen via Flipboard's catalog app.

Google, Yahoo Both in Talks to Acquire Flipboard

Twitter is not the only company chasing after digital magazine app Flipboard. Google and Yahoo are also in acquisition talks with Flipboard, the Wall Street Journal is reporting, citing “people familiar with the matter.” Sources told the WSJ the […]
Facebook Messanger payments

Facebook Messenger Payments Come to New York City

If you live in the New York City metro area, you can now use Facebook’s Messenger app to send money to friends for free. Facebook has gradually been rolling out the Messenger payment service to iOS, Android and desktop users in the U.S. with those in […]

Messenger Apps the New Voice for Mobile Users

One of the most influential voices on Internet technology might just become nothing more than a message, like most users. At least, that’s one of the highlights from a report provided by venture capitalist Mary Meeker. Meeker’s annual reports […]


Business & Marketing News


Communication Method Used By Great Leaders

  Every single CEO, CFO, or other business-minded mogul share at least one common trait; the ability to communicate strongly and clearly to the masses. Everyone has the aspiration to rise to the top, to best all other competitors, for this is how […]
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Eight Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Employee Engagement

Workers who like what they do and are passionate about their jobs are fundamental to the success of an organization. An uninterested employee on the other hand, who hates his job, will become lazy, thus decreasing company productivity as well as morale […]

Enter the Smart Warehouse

With packing and shipping products from Lid’s, warehouse duties used to be one heck of a laborious process. Lids, an Indianapolis company, sells fashion athletic headwear, team apparel and other fan novelties. In the old days, order takers—known […]

Other News

Google search

Google to Debut Buy Buttons in Search: Report

Google will soon debut a Buy Now button in its search results — a feature that will permit shoppers to purchase products without having to navigate to a separate site. Google chief business officer Omid Kordestani confirmed the upcoming addition at […]

Amazon Prime to Offer Free Same-Day Shipping in Metro Areas

Amazon today launched free, same-day shipping for its Prime members. Amazon Prime, a $99 annual membership, will now offer more than one million items for free same-day delivery on orders that exceed $35. Eligible products will be identified with a logo. The […]
Android Auto

14 Chevy Models to Feature Apple CarPlay, Android Auto in 2016

Chevrolet is going high-tech. The American automaker has announced plans to integrate Apple CarPlay and Android Auto into 14 of its models in 2016. The move is a bid to meet customer demand for better integration between their Smartphones and their vehicles. The […]

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