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FEATURED ARTICLE — January 22nd, 2018

The Game-Changing SEO Guide for 2018

No, this is not a post about SEO predictions for 2018. This is a guide based on strategies that are already working and that will work even better throughout this year.

If you’re a regular on SiteProNews and you’ve already read some of my articles, then you must know that the SEO game is changing pretty fast. Each year, there are more than 500 changes to the Google algorithm. Sure, some of them are minor. But their combined force is enough to make us rethink our strategy at least once a year.

OK, maybe “rethink” is a pretty harsh word. Let’s go for “bettering” instead. You see, with each new algorithm change, Google tries to make its search engine friendlier to users. In other words, deliver them better, more targeted content. Which is exactly what we, marketers should also be aiming for.

SEO in 2018 – what to do to boost your ranking

If I were to summarize everything below in a single phrase, it would be authority content. Just like in academia, “publish or perish” has become the new motto. However, it’s not just about publishing any kind of content. In 2018, there will be no game-changing SEO without game-changing copywriting.

But I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Let’s look at the most important SEO factors to consider this year.

1. RankBrain is the game master

In 2017, Google announced that they will be letting artificial intelligence run the search. And the name of the AI algorithm in charge is RankBrain.

What does RankBrain do exactly?

Glad you asked!

First of all, it learns from human users. Then, it uses that knowledge to rank websites accordingly.

Here’s a search example to make things easier. Let’s say you’re looking for the perfect margarita recipe.... Read More

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