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FEATURED ARTICLE — October 17th, 2018

How to Get Quality Whitehat Backlinks That Will Rank Your Site

Many companies and independent content creators struggle to find a footing in the digital realm. However, many of them fail to realize the potential of interlinking their own content throughout the website. Interlinked content with only a few outbound links is the sign of a high quality website. 

Studies have also shown that brands with high quality blog content receive 97% more links to their website as a result. Why pass on the opportunity to get inbound traffic if all it takes is to change your optimization strategy?

Whitehat content optimization is something that very few people consider even today. But why is that the case? Let’s take a look at several guidelines as to how whitehat backlinks can help your site grow and rank higher in the SERPs.

Content first, SEO second

In order to talk about whitehat content optimization, we need to establish what that actually means. In short, content managers usually optimize content for SEO based on tools such as Adwords and SEM Rush – and call it a day. This is what is commonly referred to as “technical SEO” and there is nothing wrong with it. 

However, recent changes to Google’s SERP algorithms have made it more viable for semantic search optimization (bear with us). Semantic search represents literal questions and phrasal search instead of using keywords as a starting point. Let’s look at an example of what whitehat optimization looks like as opposed to classic SEO:

Technical – “Pregnancy medical research article”

Semantic – “I would like to find medical research about pregnancies, articles in particular”

Whitehat optimization aims to make the user’s browsing experience faster, more comfortable and easier to manage. As backlinks represent... Read More

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