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FEATURED ARTICLE — August 23rd, 2017

4 Tactics and Tools for SMBs to Dominate Social

“Marketing on social media takes finding your niche and building a relationship there. Trying to reach a broad audience will fail.”

– Nick Leffler, owner of Exprance

When a person makes a grand leap of faith to becoming a business owner, they are not just entering the organizational world; they are committing to the marketing industry as well.

It can be hard for a first time owner to know where to begin in the world of marketing; there’s SEO, content, e-mail, and a variety of other methods.

Social media, however, is likely the most obvious and most fruitful option.

Despite this, a 2015 Clutch survey found that only 53 percent of small business are actively leveraging social media. As for the other 47 percent, they believe that resources like time and energy are too sparse for social media to do them any good.

While it is certainly true that running a small business can be so overwhelming that crucial tasks like marketing go neglected, that only makes creating a game plan and identifying the most effective social media tools and tactics even more critical to success.

Fortunately, building a social presence doesn’t have to be an all-consuming process; that is, if you know how to get the most “bang for your buck.”

Here are four innovative ways that small business owners can make a big splash on social without draining already limited assets.

1. Employ Social Media Powerful Tools

If you’re a small business owner you are likely strapped for time, money, or both; that means you need to get your hands on platforms that are capable of lightening the load.

When it comes to social growth tactics, sharing content and community engagement top the list.

My favorite tool to help owners... Read More

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