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FEATURED ARTICLE — December 10th, 2018

6 Essential Tools to Keep Your Content Marketing Strategy Organized

For entrepreneurs, content marketing is a vital component of a venture. Without it, the creator will be flailing around in the dark, not reaching the necessary market. Using effective content marketing strategies allows the entrepreneur to reach the right audience. In addition, the right strategy will spread the right information. 

The idea behind a content marketing strategy is to find new audiences and retain existing audiences. The aim? To create a customer base to increase the bottom line of the venture. Ultimately, more traffic means more money.

Deciding to do content marketing is all well and good. Without a specific strategy, the outcome will be less than favorable. A strategy requires careful planning and an organized approach and is essential for the establishment of an online business.

Several tools for the organization of a content marketing strategy are available online. Each focuses on a specific approach to content marketing in an organization. The entrepreneur would be wise to use more than one to maximize the different benefits each offer.

Here are 6 tools considered effective for organizing and managing a content marketing strategy.

1. Trello

For users who find visual organizers effective, Trello is an excellent tool to use. The card system Trello creates helps the manager keep track of different tasks. Tasks go through phases from concept to publication. Trello allows the user to keep track of the progress. 

An added advantage of Trello is that the content manager can keep track of tasks performed by multiple contributors. The work can be reassigned to another person during the task. For example, the task will move from the writer’s ambit into the editor’s domain. With Trello, all members of the team... Read More

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