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FEATURED ARTICLE — March 18th, 2019

Social Media SEO

If you’re trying to rank a social media page on Google, such as a YouTube video, or a Facebook page, there are some specific things you need to know. 

For example, Google has a very complex set of algorithms that they use to determine which YouTube videos should rank the highest on the YouTube search engine, which then translates to rankings on Google, if they think people want to see video results for that search.

I will do my best to break down the specific things you need to know with each type of social media page, along with giving an explanation of how to do link building that will work to rank any page.

Facebook Page SEO

You might notice, if you can be bothered checking, that this Facebook page affordable social media marketing services is outranking the home page of this site for the same keyword phrase.

That’s not a big search, but anything to do with social media marketing or internet marketing has a lot of competition, so it’s not a bad example of how you can get a Facebook page on the first page of Google.

What I did for that one was first of all get a bunch of random likes, and I also made other pages which I then used to make cross links to that page.

I liked that page with my other pages, by using Facebook as each page, and clicking the like button, which puts a permanent link on the other pages.

I constantly update each of those pages with new posts and videos, like social media tricks, social media marketing services, page likes, welcome page, social media marketing tips, social promotion services, and it’s all linked together in such a way that it has really good SEO.

I made backlinks to the page, from articles on different sites, (I’ll be mentioning the sites I use for backlinks... Read More

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