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Domain Name Mining Resources An interesting service that generates content for parked domains based on selected keywords, allowing webmasters to generate revenue from otherwise unused domain names.

DNHour A user-powered news portal for the domain name industry. All news is submitted by users and most members are from the domain name industry which includes domain name owners, cos. and/or professionals.

DomainsBot DomainsBot, is a name suggestion tool for domain names. Rather, it is what a name suggestion tool *ought* to be: intuitively able to learn from user queries, easy to use, free, and very addictive.

Better-Whois Is exactly that. A more accurate version of the standard WHOIS domain search still used on thousands of web sites. Better-Whois lookups domains in a shared domain registry, locates which registrar has reserved the name and visits and queries that registrar's database for the correct information. A useful site for domain hunters and checkers.

Domain-It! Provides Internet users with a fast and efficient means to conduct all of their domain name management business. The site has a wealth of information, resources and tools related to domains, hosting, business, email and much more. A handy service that can quickly provide available domain names for your chosen keywords. A real time server for anyone trying to find the ideal domain name. A popular site with a number of useful domain tools, including search and suggestion tools. Also, has domain auctions, a domain directory, etc. An online domain name generator - a brainstorming tool that simply returns a list of available domain names. A handy site if you're looking for good domain names that have expired or are about to expire. Registration required.

NameJet Monitors domain name pre-releases and registry drop lists. Daily updates allow domain professionals, businesses, and individuals to acquire domain names and those that just expired. The easy-to-use interface makes it simple to track and manage the domain names you want. An on-line forum, offering free registration, dedicated to all aspects of domain registration such as sale, auction, purchase, brokerage, appraisal, etc.. Provides a helpful domain-based search service. Find available, deleted, on hold domains or data for registered domains in seconds. A global marketplace for buying and selling domain names and websites. Over 3 million high-quality domain names in a searchable databse. A domain news resource. Almost everything you might want to know about domains can be found at this site. Worth a visit and a bookmark.

dnScoop An all-in-one domain tools site that provides domain traffic, history, popularity, and estimated value as well as whois info, a link value appraisal, pagerank, an inbound links count, etc. from a single domain search.