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Search Engine Optimization & Promotion Resources A premium resource for SEO practitioners and wannabees, functioning as an on-line broadcasting station, almost like a podcast, but with real-time interactivity. Features interviews with, and commentaries by, industry leaders from the world of SEO/ SEM. Site also has a news section, an archive of past shows and in-depth coverage of trade shows, etc.

Website Grader A seo tool that measures the marketing effectiveness of a website. It provides a score that incorporates things like website traffic, SEO, social popularity and other technical factors. It also provides some basic advice on how the website can be improved from a marketing perspective. A good source for search engine optimization articles, SEO tutorials, website promotion tips and strategies. Offers SEO tools for your comprehensive search engine optimization, analyis and research. Choose from manyof these tools to check pagerank, backlinks, social backlinks, alexa rankings and more.

Google Trends Google's latest contribution to the webmaster community, providing interesting and valuable search data on search terms and websites. Could herald the beginning of the end for Alexa and similar services.

Pandia Search Central Shows you how to search the Web more efficiently, how to optimize your site to get top rankings in the search engines and brings you best navigation resources on the Internet. Pandia also offers a Web directory, a metasearch engine, a Newsfinder and an online radio index.

SEO Tool Tech A site that offers 77 SEO tools for website research, ranging from link and keyword tools to search engine and social web tools. Offers two free online tools for websites, but both are very useful. The first, a Keyword Research Tool provides valuable information about which terms people search for each month and how many times the keyword is requested, and the second, a Keyword Density Tool shows how well your website is designed for the search engines. Offers 19 SEO Tools, ranging from a SE Spider Simulator to Backlink Building, that you can use directly online. They also provide a wide range of articles, SEO cartoons and more. A discussion/ chat forum related to the major search engines and directories. If you want some in-depth insight into Google, Yahoo, AlltheWeb, the ODP and other engines, this is a good site to visit.

SpyFu An analytics site that provides SEO and PPC stats on your competitors. Simply type in a domain name or keyword and get a daily AdWords PPC budget, average ad position, daily organic traffic, paid vs. organic clicks per day, top competitors, etc. Provides an authorative glossary of search engine terms. It offers an alphabetical listing of over 300 terms and definitions related to search engines. If you're wondering what terms like "SERPS", "keywords stuffing", and "spamdexing" mean, this site is a must visit. Maintains a database of search terms and provides stats on how often people search for them and how many competing sites use those keywords. The service can also help you find all keyword combinations that bear any relation to your business or site and show you the chances of making the top 10. A good site to visit if you're looking for the latest search engine news. Check out the archives for past news.