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Social Community Resources

Design Float A Digg style, community driven news aggregator dedicated to the design industry that collects and organizes design-related content from across the web.

NewsCloud A community of readers who submit, rate and discuss the most important stories from around the world. Offers an alternative aggregated view of global news from a variety of sources. Tracks trends on Twitter in real-time via hash tags (words prefixed with a hash symbol - i.e. #hashtag). Trends can also be viewed for the past week and month. Useful service to keep up with breaking news. Combines the power of human experts with the latest technologies, to turn raw data into valuable, relevant, accurate, reliable and useful information. A Twitter application that lets you receive regular email updates of tweets containing your brand, product, service, or for any keyword you like. Publishes 10 stories daily that are causing buzz on the Web. Stories are selected by using a variety of techniques, including a web crawler that vists 50,000+ sites daily, a trend detector that looks for accelerating buzz, a click tracker to measure reader response to stories and human editors.

The Twitter Fan Wiki A place for Twitter fans to share ideas, uses and feature requests. The site covers almost every aspect of Twitter activity and has comprehensive lists of Twitter apps, mashups, etc. Another popular social bookmarking service that allows you to save your favorite links online and access them from anywhere. Share with others or protect them for your own privacy.

SocialMediaExplorer One of the most widely read and rated blogs in the areas of social media, marketing and public relations. Great posts on issues of the day in the on-line marketing world.

Ars Technica Specializes in original news and reviews, analysis of technology trends and expert advice on a wide range of tech related topics. Resources include articles, guides, journals and a forum. Covers major social media sites and platforms like Facebook, My Space, Bebo, Hi5, Orcut, Linked in, etc. and related applications, brands and business. Provides social news, reviews and trends. A popular social community site focused on finding, reviewing and discussing local businesses and services. Real people writing real reviews. Great way to find what you need in your area. Another service similar to AddThis which simplifies social bookmarking. It lets you instantly access all of your profiles, blogs, friends, and contacts for easy sharing and updating. The world's largest wiki farm with over 150,000 wikis - wikis being simple Web pages that let you collaborate with others. Easy to join. A new kind of online magazine, an interactive community in which writers and readers from around the globe talk about stories, issues, and products.