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Every website is created with one goal in mind and that is conversions. If you have a website that is generating traffic then you are most concerned about getting lots and lots of conversions. A user-friendly website that has appropriate CTAs helps drive more actions thereby leading to more sales. CTA messages should be easy […]


EDB is an acronym for Microsoft Exchange Server Database. It stores in-process and non-SMTP messages in MS Exchange Database. It uses b-tree database structure for storing messages. Types: Priv.edb – These files store private data of user mailboxes. Pub. edb – These files store public or shared folders’ data of mailboxes. .stm – These files were created to […]

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It seems like there is always something new on the technology front, be it a new phone or even a new app that makes life easier. As technology advances, many of our daily worries are resolved or made just a little simpler Security is one form of technology that has definitely come a long way. […]

Cloud Business Drives Amazon’s Profits
The Digital World – Just How Connected Are We In 2017?
Photo by Ben Scholzen.

If you are a LinkedIn member, you will soon be able to upload videos to the professional networking site. LinkedIn video, which the Microsoft-owned firm began testing last month, offers a new way to network and start conversations. Group product manager Pete Davies said the tool gives you another way “to share your experience and perspective.” The new functionality allows you to […]


Wal-Mart is adding voice activated shopping to its arsenal in its bid to better compete with its biggest rival: eCommerce king Amazon. The partnership with Google is a bid to make shopping as convenient as possible for busy consumers. Beginning late next month, Wal-Mart will have hundreds of thousands of items available for voice shopping via […]

Is YouTube Right For Your Audience?

“Marketing on social media takes finding your niche and building a relationship there. Trying to reach a broad audience will fail.” – Nick Leffler, owner of Exprance When a person makes a grand leap of faith to becoming a business owner, they are not just entering the organizational world; they are committing to the marketing […]

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Are you trying to come up with a system for making decisions so the end result is always in the best interests of the business? We’re human and that means no matter how hard we try, our decisions are somewhat emotional. This can be great in some circumstances; such as when we decide what niche […]