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Search Engine Tips & News

Leftronic is a browser-based, real-time data visualization platform for businesses. It quickly aggregates and monitors your key metrics (Google Analytics, Twitter Feed, Web Visitors, etc.) and provides the data. Displays well on large screens. Provides an authorative glossary of search engine terms. It offers an alphabetical listing of over 300 terms and definitions related to search engines. If you're wondering what terms like "SERPS", "keywords stuffing", and "spamdexing" mean, this site is a must visit. Offers two free online tools for websites, but both are very useful. The first, a Keyword Research Tool provides valuable information about which terms people search for each month and how many times the keyword is requested, and the second, a Keyword Density Tool shows how well your website is designed for the search engines. A good site to visit if you're looking for the latest search engine news. Check out the archives for past news. is a new site that provides a host of useful facts about any URL such as Pagerank, Alexa rank, Incoming Google, Yahoo, MSN and Alexa links, overall incoming and outgoing links and much more. A personal site by search engine marketing expert, Michael Nguyen, which mainly consists of search engine news and search engine marketing discussion. Interesting content.

Search Engine Showdown An online compendium of search engine facts, analysis, information, and comparisons. If you want some quick insight into the major engines, this is a good starting point.

Search Engine Friendly Layouts Website provides standards compliant layouts with clean and functional markup. Useful for webmasters and search engine optimization specialists. Charts developments in the world of search engines, focusing on the business angle and how search engine marketing is evolving on the Web. The content is primarily articles related to the SE industry arranged in 5 major categories. One of the top search engine blog and news sites on the Web. If you're looking for the latest information on developments in the search industry, this is a good starting point.

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Search Engine Journal A popular 5 year old publication, specializing in search engine news. Quality content that's frequently updated. The first search engine that enables you to search for spoken words within any audio or video file. Options within the search results allow you to play files, grab an XML/RSS feed or go directly to the site of origin.

Search Marketing Now Provides information and advice in best practices on internet and search engine marketing. Get help with SEO and link-building, paid search advertising, web analytics, and local & mobile search to gain maximum exposure on Google and other search engines.

State of Search Provides news and information on search marketing and social media. It hosts weekly podcasts, live blogging sessions, and videocasts with industry speakers and experts to give you a full insight on the industry and its events.